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  1. Is anyone investing in Cybersecurity or Defence firms ? Currently I'm looking at Akamai tech (Score 9), Fortinet (Score 10), Qualys (Score 11), Zscaler (Score 9), Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon, Leidos Holdings and Maxar tech.
  2. Am I too simple minded by looking only at 2 things here ? 1; Russia has little to no debt. 2; Gazprom is going to be here as long as Russia is pumping oil and gas.
  3. SVK


    Very good but you see more than you really need. I have 10x magnification and if I was to buy again I would go for 5x magnification.
  4. I like unifomity as well but with highe number I would love to see the proportional increase in size 100 > 250 > 500.
  5. I do prefer the 10 oz bars mainly due to their size and variety of designs. Baird minted bars are nice but to my disappointment the only difference between the 250g and 500g is the thickness. 500g is just thicker while maintaing same outer dimensions 🙁 I'm preffering regular purchases of up to £350 at a time as that suits my budget.
  6. Get some gold finally 1/4 or Sovereigns but not sure where to start yet.
  7. Oh dear 🤩 My bank account might soon dislike you🤣
  8. SVK

    Germans rush to buy gold

    Coin FAIR and you load yourself to death with gold & silver. Another option is BTC but that one traceable so you can try Monero/Zencash for full annonymity.
  9. No WW3 on the horizont. Do not expect immediate response as IRGC/Quds forces do not operate this way. They choose the time and place when opportunity arrises. This time it is sanctioned by Ayatollah himself which is unusual so we can be certain that there are going to be bodybags needed. Iraqi parliament is voting on removal of "coalition" forces on Sunday 05/01/2020 which will determine next course of action.
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