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  1. I still don t quite understand. Are you saying there are now two different versions in circulation?
  2. Do you know when the third silver Natura is coming out? Any info anywhere?
  3. Was the two-ear Leopard the first version? Was wondering about those images...
  4. It is a beautiful series, for sure. (Agree on the rhino though) But raising premiums in the middle just feels a little... unfair?
  5. Seems the Leopard is now available at https://www.emk.com/de-de/IBSUD20135?q= Going for 55€ though, I m considering not continuing collecting this series. Seem kind of... outrageous. (They had a large premium before, but this is an unacceptable jump in price.)
  6. Thanks for the info! "Pre-sale (6-8 weeks) (Only 200 left)" 😳 Unfortunately 25€ minimum shipping.
  7. It s a collectors item for sure. If your a bullion guy, it makes no sense. Or even Kooks or Somalia Elephants much cheaper. Though the quality on these Big Five coins is very nice. And they have already appreciated quite a bit. Comes down to taste and preference I guess
  8. Thanks for the info. The leopard is well done. Has an eery atmosphere to it and yet the leopard looks vulnerable, tired almost. A little cute even, though fierce. The reverse is quite nice too, though quite similar to the lion (unfortunately).
  9. Wow. I am stunned. This is a fantastic set. Jealous to put it mildly. Good on ya!
  10. Where do you (usually) get your Big Five coins? Any recommendations?
  11. Einfach toll! Habe selbst leider erst später angefangen, aber finde diese Serie ganz toll!
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