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  1. Thanks for the advise. We have searched quite a lot and have not found any auction/sale information for the 1 oz ones. Found only 2 sales for the 5 oz and both were at $250 CAD but these were the asking prices and not necessarily where they sold. We will keep searching.
  2. Hoping I can get some direction on the below bars. They belong to my mother and she is looking to understand the real value of these (beyond the spot price for silver). From our own research the 1 oz Engelhard bars didn't exceed a mintage of 1000 according to the AllEngelhard website and the JM bar didn't exceed a mintage of 500 bars according to the same website. We have not been able to find much sale information online. Hoping to get fair evaluation for these. Thanks in advance! Engelhard bars - top two are consecutive and bottom two are consecutive.
  3. Just joined today and would like to introduce myself. relatively new stacker living in Burlington Ontario Canada. My youngest son got me into it and have loved our silver hunting/collecting adventures together. Focus has been on bullion but have also been caught by the collection bug as well. Currently trying to complete my 2oz Queens Beast collection. Headspace (David)
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