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  1. I'm with you, as regards the SA and Mexican gold. At least in my area, they are still available with some of the lowest premiums around. In addition, the designs are quite attractive and varied. I also really like the continental (sovereign sized) gold. Again, for the varied, attractive designs, but supply has been drying up rapidly here.
  2. Why do I have to use Google authenticator EVERY TIME I try to log on to the forum? I do find it a PITA! Is there a work-a-round I'm not familiar with? TIA
  3. Add USA Goldrush/Chinese, all of South America, Aztecs, Incas, Mexico, Persians, Romans, Egyptians, and on and on. This recent idea of "ethical" mining of gold, carried out logically, would prevent one from owning any gold.
  4. With everything going on right now, it's probably just a 'puter glitche" I certainly wouldn't jump on it at that price, unless, down the road, you can convince someone at a show that it's "limited edison"😁 Looks like less than 123pieces left from a production run so I"m guessing "Limited edison"
  5. Big nothing burger. Trumps many things, but no warmonger. Trump will solve this in 2021
  6. I guess ease of liquidation is one of the more important things for me, but also the ease of trading for gold. I don't know how likely it is that I'll be able to trade my silver for gold, but if it happens I want to have the type of silver that would attract a gold owner. Not sure yet what that would be exactly, but I've got some variety so I'm hoping that some combination of my stack would work for that. I'm curious about people who have lots of gold, what would prompt them to trade it for silver at a low ratio? Now, this is just my opinion but, you need to think of silver as primarily an industrial metal, and gold as having world-wide intrinsic value compared to paper money. Both are subject to changes for a variety of reasons but gold tends to be more related to strife/risk and currency valuations world-wide and silver as to industrial demand. As such, I'm not sure that thinking a "gold investor " has much interest in buying silver unless the market it moving rapidly, makes much sense. If you find a particular silver series that interests you, I would focus on that one, collect it in depth, you will enjoy owning and showing them, and you will be rewarded with sell premiums, if you've made a good choice. Otherwise, just focus on bullion, whatever gets you the lowest premium over spot in your particular situation. FWIW, silver does tend to get pretty heavy very quickly as you accumulate it. I love silver but that is a big issue.
  7. Yep, that's the reference I was thinking of. Since I don't know what US dollar base was used to determine the original almost $8billion value, who knows now many oz. it actually was. "Newsweek(November 4, 1996): 47-48.Note: Newsweek's probe discloses that after 50 years of financial sifting, there is no huge stash of Nazi gold in Switzerland - it has been scattered worldwide. The probe also indicates that many other parties, besides the Swiss, and including the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), were involved in laundering Nazi money during the war or hoarding stolen assets after the war. What little remains of the estimated $7.8 billion U.S. dollars in gold confiscated by the Nazis may only come to $65 million, the amount held by the Tripartite Gold Commission, set up after the war to return stolen gold to national treasuries."
  8. I remember reading an article not too long ago, that made the claim that MUCH(not all of course) of the modern US Gold eagle, Roos, Phils., Brits, etc. were(are) minted from recovered Nazi gold after the war. If true, maybe Pre-WWII gold sovereigns, francs, lire, etc. should solve that problem.
  9. No difference in the US, as either one is considered bullion. That being said, even if they were the same price, I'd opt for Brits. I understand some like to collect pandas due to their differing design but I won't support China with any of my money if possible. My quirk, I know.
  10. Yes, you've been told by a number of folks here that they work with online dealers.(success will depend on many factors as explained). As far as youtubers go, you're catching on. No details as to what you're trying to move IMHO makes it impossible to help you further. Good luck
  11. Sorry GP, but IMHO it's difficult for anyone to give more specific suggestions, as you've never told us what you're trying to sell. What kind of silver- coins(bullion or collectible), bars, rounds, and how large your stack is and what your expectations were before you jumped in the water. Possibly then someone could offer better suggestions than you've been given.
  12. No worm eating necessary, unless it's your "thing". BTW, a belated welcome aboard, from one new guy here to another. I've had limited experience selling silver, only did it once with a local jeweler (back when the Hunt Bros. were stirring things up and gives away my age, I guess). That was relatively painless but gained me(as I remember it) about 85-90% of spot. Problem selling silver online is, the stuff is bulky and heavy to ship !! In general, I'm guessing that out of Best Price, Immediate Sale, and Fast Cash, you only get to choose 2 of them. I don't think you'll find 1 Online Dealer better than another, as any price they offer will take into consideration what the market is doing and what their current inventory level is. Local Jewelers, Pawnshops may be an option. FWIW I've sold gold online a few times and that was quite painless, as the price was locked in after the quote, the shipping labels sent via email, and cash was in my account, 2 days after they received the coins and verified them. Hopefully someone else can chime in and offer more options.
  13. AFAIK, short of cracking it out and taking the measurements, etc. that you describe, you are relying solely on the database number from PCGS or NGC sites. I've also had the same concerns, as one would think that it's easier to fake a plastic case and label, etc. than it is to fake the actual coin. Hopefully, someone with more experience here will chime in.
  14. I find myself swinging both ways, sometimes stacking and then switching back to design preference. The "stacking" side of me says go with 1oz. govt. bullion and the lowest premium(but not bars). Once you have one bullion design, stacking the same thing again get boring fast. The "collecting" side of me focuses on sovereign or sovereign-type coins, like $5 US Pre-33, sovereigns, old European Lire, Franc, Ducat, or South American 5 Peso or the equiv. Lots of design choices there, reasonable premiums and designs to admire galore. Switch it up!!
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