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  1. https://www.ngccoin.com/price-guide/world/canada-sovereign-km-14-1908-1910-cuid-1034988-duid-1270516
  2. The Geiger gold bar is awesome, I would love to get myself one some day! What's the price on a bar like that?
  3. I thought I might give an update after examining the coin with a jewelers loop in the bright sunlight. Yes the date looks wrong not curly enough. And the rim floral, or block pattern is good except for two places where their are indications of casting ( Lines running with the coins edge for a short distance ). I will try to take pictures to post for other members edification.
  4. Thank you for that information, that is very helpfull. I have not yet made the time to examine the edge, but will do that with a jewelers loop in the sunlight this afternoon or this weekend when I have free time.
  5. Every comment helps my decision. All opinions are welcomed.
  6. Can NCS conservation be used to remove the dark grey or light black oxidation from my new 8 Reale? Or is this a bad idea??
  7. https://www.jmbullion.com/2019-1-oz-south-african-big-five-lion-silver-coin/
  8. Chinese Astrological Series 2017 Year of the Rooster 'Prosperity', 'Longevity', and 'Success' 15oz Gold Three-Coin Set
  9. I have since posting this question purchased a 1/2 ounce 2019 reverse proof, and a 1/10 ounce 2019 proof, and I am very happy with them, and will continue to add Libertads to my collection!
  10. I agree with your response, and its definitely the 2019 500 mintage that gets my premium, and provokes this post!
  11. I'm in and out of the office for the next couple of hours, but I am interested in hearing anyone's thoughts, and opinions on the Reverse Proof Gold libertad.
  12. What's your thoughts on Reverse Proof Gold Libertads? Do you like the way they look? Do you think that they are worth collecting?
  13. I wanted to say hello to the members of The Silver Forum, and I look forward to checking out the site for possible buying, and selling opportunities.
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