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  1. Thanks for all your responses so far... Bison Bullion does antique their bars to give the black in the lines... thanks for the insight Backyard Bullion, on the sulfur color... I like your videos on youtube.. I know you'd never let one like this out of your shop being as meticulous as you are! Bison Bullion is a big poured silver seller, and this one looks just like all the ones on their website... this one weighs 93.5 grams, just .2 gram over, well within resolution error of the scale. I'm pretty sure it's real, looks & feels real and the weight is right. and the size is correct for a real one. I just bought it from a coin dealer on ebay that sells a lot of stuff and numismatic coins and has 100% feedback. He accepts returns, I could process a return.. I guess more than the color is the bottomless holes and dime size area is sort of slaggy... I guess I'm not happy with it, he did have pictures but I thought the color was uncleaned flux or something. Does anyone think I would have a problem getting full price for it down the line? i'm wondering if anyone else would not be happy with this purchase too, or am I being to critical on this poured silver? thanks!
  2. I recently bought a 3 oz Bison Bullion poured silver bar. It has the a coppery or goldish bright tone areas inside the bubbles seen on poured silver bottoms. It looks bright like new metal not tarnish at all, I've included pics. I"ve also seen this color on vintage poured silver bars in the cracks. . Also, the bubble holes are deep and some I can't see the bottom as they disappear into the void! I like bubbles, but normally all are relatively shallow compared to these. Does anyone have info on the color and is the deep holes a concern for resale if i want to sell it down the line? thank you.
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