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  1. Yep big art, well scaled up and smaller bars used which would make things easier. Not to mention the 100 quid worth of gas used also lolz
  2. Yeah Hacksaw blades from [email protected] etc are generally made from cheap steel and with silver the blade would wear down pretty fast i would have thought meaning you have some pieces of steel kinda welded into your silver due to the heat exchange. Grinder is another option, but ofcourse its dangerous and you would loose silver, and ofcourse contamination issues but i dont know if there is a certain blade you could use, something i have never done with silver as never seen a bar that big hehe, hopefully someone will have the answer for ya. If you are lucky enough to know a fireman then borrow this from them 🙂
  3. 500 .22 pellets If i dont win can i use them to put some lead in my pencil... no the other pencil 🙂
  4. Coffee is not bad for you unless you drink the freeze dried rubbish.. as for wealth the little nespresso machine and aldi or lidl pods at 13.5 pence a cup 🙂 @Dee With your budget and starting off point i would recommend 1oz coins or silver bars, plenty available here on this forum or fleabay but always check with mr google b4 you buy as you may find the items cheaper from reputable companys, and thats not a slate towards anyone or anything like that, its just the way the precious metal market works. Good Luck 🙂
  5. I was led to believe it is gold plated parts on most electrical devices anyway, which means minimal gold content but also extremely difficult and expensive to extract making it not worth the hassle.
  6. Jocky would not have paid more than 10p a pint in any establishment so cant be him and you might have met a woman that night 🙂 What a darts player Jocky was tho
  7. If a crook has managed to forge a tungsten coin and then gold plated it to appear authentic then i,m afraid the old ping test could be fruitless, afaik tungsten has a very similar density to gold so it should ping the same especially under a thin gold plating. Many other tests for testing real gold should be done as the ops have mentioned,, even by eye it would generally be noticed as a fake if the item was gold plated tungsten.
  8. In the case of the larger bars the scammers were using tungsten due to its similar weight and density, unbelievable.
  9. What goes in must come out. Security must have been a bit Lax 🙂
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Two-2-10-oz-RCM-Silver-Bar-Royal-Canadian-Mint-9999-Fine-/301679094403 X2 bars if seller has advertised this to my thinking.
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