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  1. This link works fine. Just says out of stock. https://www.apmex.com/product/205578/2020-tuvalu-1-oz-silver-black-flag-the-royal-fortune?fbclid=IwAR0s4JMM6VGAv-Lub5AOk6yq4jEeuMNIm5Em77gWQyRIMT3bAAcsVW-sC6w
  2. At the moment the Perth Mint who make these for APMEX are only manufacturing the 2020 Kangaroo 1oz Silver Bullion Coins. I suspect it will be a few months before they start on anything else.
  3. What date is the cut off for March delivery? 😀 Just placed an order today and sent you info. I am thinking of doing another tomorrow?
  4. I would not bother with them. ☹️ My little story: They messed up my order which was supposed to come from UK. We agreed a solution and I thought fine mistakes happen. Then they sent coins from Canada with out telling me. Had I accepted the order I would have been left on the hook for import duties (which the currior wanted before delivery) and then there would have been VAT at 20% on my order inc. the import duties. I did finally get a full refund but they had my money for nearly a month. Communication always took ages and only got slightly better when I was going to reject the order. I felt very messed around and they came across as very disorganised. There are plenty of other places to buy Silver from. This was just my experience, others may differ but this is not a company I would deal with again.
  5. dom555

    Fake Graded Coins?

    I've only been stacking/collecting for 7 months or so and these sorts of issues put me off ever wanting to buy graded or sealed coins. With capsules and flips I can always take the coins out, weight them and measure them etc. This is just me and maybe 10 years down the line my views may change.
  6. Looks very cool, any idea of release date?
  7. Many Thanks for the tip, Picked this up for a great deal. ☠️🏴‍☠️
  8. The Bull Bear coin could look better when you see the real coin. 😐 I think I will wait till I see a real coin pic.
  9. Hi I am looking for a bit of price advice for a “ruthenium & gold plated silver Spiderman coin” Just looking for a rough idea how much this is worth?
  10. dom555

    Checking sealed tubes?

    I too hate coins and bars in sealed plastic. I want to inspect/check and weight every coin/bar when i get it.
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