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  1. But it wouldn’t damage the coin at all?
  2. Could you not just use a bit of brasso and take the tarnish off? Or is that bad etiquette?
  3. Why do we keep silver coins separately? I have 4 brits in a bag and they haven’t gone green or anything. Is it just an aesthetic thing? To be able to clearly see both sides of each coin or how many there are in a box etc? I have receieved them all in cases or pouches but just chucked them all in a bag as it’s easier to keep track of everything if it’s all together.
  4. Very helpful thanks guys. Might start usibg some of my silver money each month to invest in Evian instead 👀
  5. I have always liked the idea of having a small amount of PM’s to hand as an investment - they are more ‘real’ than stocks and shares. Plus, shiny. However I am also guilty of a slight smugness that if the economy collapsed I would still be able to buy bread and petrol etc as I have a liquid asset. What I can’t understand is why PM’s would be valuable in this scenario. If the ATM’s stopped working and paper money became valueless what good is a lump of metal going to be? Why would someone be willing to trade something useful like food or clothes for a coin that will be untradeable as the market for electronics manufacturing is f**ked as well. The more I research it the less sure I am, can anyone at all explain to me why? Cheers.
  6. Thanks all, he will be seven and loves Marvel which is a great shout!
  7. Hi all, I am new here so apologies first off if this is in the wrong place or not the correct subject. I have just started collecting as a better way to spend my money than my previous vices which led me to TSF and here seems like a good place to ask: where can I buy a silver ounce bar that I can hang on a chain, preferably marked with a year? It’s my sons birthday soon and I recently showed him my meagre collection but he seemed enthusiastic and I wanted to buy him a dated bar that he can wear. I have seen one before on a mates neck in my teens so I know they are around (as well as a load in a photos only thread) so thought I would chance it and ask. Cheers! Matt
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