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  1. I'd like to acquire all three please.. Can you detail me the total cost delivered and payment info please? Cheers,
  2. WAG333

    Six pounds?

    Just been watching 'Scotland Yard' from 1953 on the Talking Pictures movie channel on Sky... 20210418_164521.mp4
  3. Wanlockhead, The Leadhills, Highest village in Scotland, just off the A76 near Sanquhar/Kirkconnel about 30mins north of Lockerbie. A few people pan gold there to make their wedding rings. You can try your luck from the leadmines visitor centre, they used to supply the gear and info..
  4. WAG333


    Soldier of Fortune is like a supermarket for re-enactors. I have a bit of militaria I've collected over the years that I'm selling on to buy more bullion items. Just sold a Mk2 Bren for £350 that cost me £95 years ago. I have a deact M72 LAW to go next and a blank firing Luger. As this interest has its forum, so do military collectors on Milweb. There's good money to be made there. https://www.milweb.net/classifieds.php
  5. WAG333


    It actually weighs 14ozs and I'm not delusional. I do know the difference. Its an excellent wind up, and I'd like to put it on Fb but too many would think its real and maybe come after me. My brother is the only one who knows I have a small stack, so I'm looking forward to showing him and watching his reaction. I've held a real gold bar and this is a very close replica apart from the obvious weight difference. Makes a nice gift or paperweight for someone.
  6. WAG333


    https://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/ww2-reichsbank-german-gold-bar.html The MP40 is a Chinese 6mm bb gun.. Great full auto fun.. 😁
  7. WAG333


    Thank you Santa.. A surprise gift of 14ozs of Nazi gold! Totally blindsided by this gift.. 😁
  8. Thanks... It worked after I rebooted my phone! Cheers!
  9. Hi.. On my phone, how do you do a 'like'? I figured out the feedback but cant see any buttons to click for a reputation like..
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