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  1. Now more valuable than the sovs 😅😂 #toiletpaperpanic H&B catering for all your apocalypse needs
  2. Just to chip in a semi-linked story, the only letter I've received in the recent past that was clearly tampered with and arrived in the plastic with a sorry your letter was damaged in transit was About 12 luggage stickers I was going to use to dolly up some old cases for the house. They felt exactly like cash in the envelope and it was obvious somebody had ripped it open to see. They even half-inched 3 of my stickers too, the **@!$&*s 😄
  3. The dealers on that show absolutely salivate when gold of any sort comes in as they're always guaranteed quick easy money just on the scrap alone. I normally record it and just watch any stuff of interest. I think that elderly lady dealt with nearly all of their dealers that day spread over a few programmes, gold everything - there was definitely a goldbug in that house ☺️
  4. Here you go. It said 2018 on the end credits so she's probably earned herself at least 10% on a really quick turnaround.
  5. I'm ready to dip my toe back in and this is a great comparison site, really helpful. Cheers.
  6. Advert in today's paper confirming that although their proof reader has clearly been on the sauce - order form still says £289. None of these 'alternative' providers are really that competitive anymore so probably better to stick to the proper bullion dealers IMO. Besides if they apply that 3 per household max cumulatively, I'll not be able to go again to 2021 anyway 😀
  7. I see they've a half page ad in the Sun today for up to 2 half sovs at £129.99 each (on the website too). I'm still not going to bother though after the trouble others had.
  8. You've probably had a lucky escape there. If the BC had a theme song, surely it would be this
  9. I just don't bother answering if I don't recognise the number, then look it up on https://who-called.co.uk/ to see if anybody else had it around the same day or week and what it was, and then block it permanently on BT call protect (or my phone but it only holds 30) if it's reported as a spammer from someone who answered. The spammers always come back with new spoofed numbers but I think the less you answer, the more your number gets knocked off their hit lists, hopefully anyway.
  10. Bloody hell, he looks in an awful state whatever the full story. You need one of the John West salmon boyos in your corner
  11. I found another relatively recent link from companies house, only published on 10 June it says, that doesn't make for good reading either and kind of backs up what you're saying there @Pipers https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/media/5cf8f3a4e5274a5f1a84ca37/Mr_G_Webb_v_The_Buckingham_Collection_Limited_-_1401239.2019_-_Judgment_-_6.6.19.pdf
  12. I see one of Grumpy's relatives is seeking a new home on ebay 😀 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gold-Metal-Sparkly-Turtle-Trinket-Box-Metallic-Jewellry/173936542463?hash=item287f6d02ff:g:47UAAOSwl7dc-YOS
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