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  1. @sovereignsteve, that's true. I'm not sure how familiar you are with what people currently do using convolutional neural networks (CNN) but usually you do need thousands of images (the more the better generally). This could be done by essentially taking images off google (provided you check sources etc.). However, a real problem could be getting a database of genuine fakes as there are thousands of examples of real sovereigns. If you could build up a good database of images for every sovereign by year and type, it could be possible to say whether a potential fake belongs to any of the categories and if it doesn't, it's a fake so I don't think the amount of data could be an issue. There will be a lot of variance though in the coins which is an interesting problem to solve.
  2. Yeah, I'd imagine you would need to apply some sort of transformation on the images as people may take photos in different lighting,angles etc also but given enough data, there may be enough of a pattern/distribution in old sovereigns to tell whether a fake is an outlier (assuming we only look at color). Along different lines, the wear of the coin would need to be taken into account but I'm not sure how that would be accounted for. I wonder , is there a way to tell if a fake has been artificially worn?
  3. Hi, I was looking at some ebay coins and I had heard a lot of people saying to be cautious when buying from ebay. I'm currently working with data analysis and use stuff like machine learning and I was wondering whether we could add another level of certainty when purchasing coins. Would it be possible to tell we have a fake coin from only a real picture. In the case of sovereigns, there are quite clearly some very bad fakes, but there are many which are incredibly difficult to tell apart. In the case of sovereigns, it's possible to spot a fake in some cases (specific years) by counting the number of edges in the rim for example which is incredibly difficult/tedious to do by hand/eye. Therefore I was wondering whether anyone knows an approach to check this way using some software which can look at the color, size of the lettering/figures with the idea that a computer can judge better than a human eye can. Obviously the best checks would be physical such as weight, XRF etc. This software idea would only be to make a quick check and would not be foolproof. Do people think such an idea is feasible? A fanciful idea would be to make this into an app where you could simply take a photo of a coin and return something like 90% chance of being real. Thanks
  4. @Augustus1 thanks for the advice, I had looked at ebay but didn't check closely enough for what the actual sale price was. @trozau thanks for the info, I didn't know that since this I'm not into this kind of collecting. I decided to go ahead and get them since the price from what I can gather is more or less fair. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, this is my first post, so apologies if this is not the right place. I'm thinking about purchasing a 2008 Sovereign and half sovereign proof collection. I'm aware that 2008 isn't a particularly special year but the price I was offered 3 days ago was £450. Is this a reasonable premium for such a set? I tend to stick to bullion stuff so this is my first different purchase. They are second hand and were originally purchased by a gold enthusiast and then sold on to a jeweler with the original box and certificate and (according to the jeweler) have not been out of the capsules or handled. From inspecting them there appears to be no visible marks and seems to agree with not being touched. I don't currently have any photos but I'll try and get some later. It's the same collection as shown here https://www.bleyerbullion.co.uk/uk-gold-proof-sovereign-two-coin-collection-2008 . What are your thoughts on this? Thanks
  6. Hi, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm fairly new to collecting the metals. I'm mainly interested in them as an "investment"/hedge but I'm also pretty interested in historical coins or beautiful designs. Thanks!
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