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  1. Received today so a big THANK YOU to Mr & Mrs @BackyardBullion and @ChrisSilver for making this group what it is. Now where did I hide last years bars 🤔 Also hope everyone is staying safe in these difficult time. All the best Peter 🙂
  2. Congrats 🎉 @SmallSilverStacker enjoy your win bud
  3. Everyone should received there bar/s and capsule/s tomorrow Just want to say as always a big THANK YOU for your patience ♥️ I have left you all feedback also Many thanks Peter 🍻
  4. @Bigcheesy123 I have no plans doing any ordering not until the world finds its feet again as supplies have dried up somewhat at the moment bud
  5. UPDATE 1/4/2020 and it's no April fools either The wait is finally over postman has just been so going to rewrap and send tracking numbers shortly 😃
  6. UPDATE 27th March Finally I have some good news for everyone at last. They have passed through Heathrow now so at least they are in the country. Not long now 🙂
  7. @Cpr8 like everyone I’ll just be glad when they arrive lol
  8. Update just in and I’m afraid there going the long way round. I really am sorry about this 🥺
  9. I’ve change from for sale to completed @jonrms
  10. @Cpr8 Not a lot to report at the mow and the update today doesn’t really say to much more either. Will update when I know more. Thank you guys
  11. Just to let everyone know I will not be putting in any more orders for the time being so once the Brit bars arrive and I get posted to those that purchased that will be it from me until such time the world returns to normal. Thanks Peter ps not had toilet paper for 2 weeks now and the dogs looking like needs a bloody good bath 🐶😆
  12. All the Brit bars are gone but if enough people interested I might be able to sort a Scottsdale bar buy, as always minimum of 250oz needed
  13. Thanks @Cpr8 Its just this part we all dislike, the waiting lol
  14. UPDATE 17/03/2020 I've just come off the phone to my supplier and wanted to update everyone as there has been a delay in the bars being shipped to me. I'm assured the bar will be shipped out tomorrow and given what's been going on lately I will just be happy to get them sent out to you guys. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the delay. Cheers Peter
  15. UPDATE 12/03/2020 Bars will be shipping to me today or tomorrow so next update will be when they have arrived Thank you
  16. @greektony that’s ok and I’ll pm you this evening @Stu Hope your keeping bud and up for a game but only if there in capsules 😆
  17. @greektony I can always sell you one out the ones I'm getting for myself bud
  18. Just got off the phone, this order is now closed, this just shows how fast things can move lol @SilverPirate007 and @PablosGee I have secured your orders and they are safe I also secured 1 spare so that is available on a first come first served basis
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