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  1. You were lucky to find such price, good bargain ... 😉
  2. Still looking for one ? I have one 2oz proof and one 1oz proof extra: 2oz £240 with tracked and insured postage to UK 2oz + 1oz £295 with tracked and insured postage to UK PM me if you are interested.
  3. 920 €/oz I wanted to reply, that first I want to finish my collection before such price increase, but then i realized, who cares about collecting at 10000€/oz 🙂
  4. According to South African Mint webpage, in 2017 were minted only silver proof and silver premium uncirculated collectable coins, both with 50th anniversary mint-mark : https://www.samint.co.za/collectable-coins/2017-range/ So no silver proof without 50th anniversary mint-mark.
  5. Yes, when you decide you want to ship your storaged orders, just send them email. They will send you separate invoice for shipping. It's safe, I've never had any issue, ordered and storaged dozen times.
  6. Actually @Roy is right, on left side are attributes of industry, wheel and hammer and on right side are attributes of agriculture, plow and bunch of ears.
  7. Just send them email, this is what they sent to me:
  8. I have only 1 spare, £40 with postage. Payment Bank transfer or crypto.
  9. 12/25/2019 yes, last week no. I don''t know if it's no longer valid or can be used just once. Edit: Sorry, I didn't notice you were asking about storaged items. It wasn't my case. 😞
  10. I like the idea of changing background and hope they will continue this way at least for one year 🙂
  11. Except almost all mentioned above I'm looking forward for 3rd release of Bird of paradise. 1st release Victoria riflebird is for me one of the most beautiful coins.
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