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  1. That’s some Unicorn kisses for you guys in case you “Can’t see the graphic.” ... Cuz we live in flowery Unicorn world guys. Hip hip hooray 😃 !!! 👍
  2. As always Wronger couldn’t be more consistently Wronger. Queens beasts have surely been a great short term play though. That was your great gamble in the past 2 years while your talked your nonsense homie. That and the great eagles that you missed and that people like clocked dollars on while silver did the absolute opposite of everything you said. Wronger is Pure Beta. One love to all you stackers 👍☝️✌️
  3. One final thought. Some parts of liberalism have moved things forward. Some parts of conservatism has moved things forward. Both have also caused damage. Regardless of your ideals, religious beliefs and how you think things “should be”, think locally. Your immediate friends family and neighbors, those that are physically immediately close will end up being your best assets and also weaknesses. No one knows where this is going. Things are uncertain globally for the first time unless a previous vanished civilization experienced their own apocalypse. Focus on keeping yourselves healthy. Shells, Water, Seeds, Neighbors.
  4. At any rate. Not much else to say at this point. Too busy working on real life to indulge the internet much these days. My suggestion to others is to get involved and busy in their own “real lives”, off the net, as well. Don’t want to get caught with your pants down and your **** in your hand because you spent too much time stroking your “godlike” internet persona ... see you guys in a few weeks, maybe. One love to silver stackers and those that think ahead.
  5. It’s because paper value is just that - thin as paper. A societies currencies have been here thousands of years at most. Silver is an element. Been here since God or The Big Bang created existence. Will be here long after we are gone. Never was and never will be, anything, like fiat currency.
  6. From people that are panicked that want more than what the pawn shops are offering. If you haven’t set yourself up for this it’s basically irrelevant. Things are a lot worse since I posted this.
  7. At any rate scoop up the deals all over the place while you can people. For those of us that have thought ahead. It’s deal city. Enjoy.
  8. How are you even here if you bought at 3 last year? It’s just too much 🤣
  9. Please link me. If it’s additional info outside of this thread: I’m intrigued and you’ve got my attention.
  10. Ablist

    Help please!

    I’m impressed. As they say knowledge is power. Good eye!
  11. Hahaha his plummet to $3 checked out... Are you in the right forum? Are you smoking meth while on an acid trip?!? You either haven’t been reading this post or are apparently in another universe than this one where the silver price did go to $3. I’m more interested in your time travel and universe spanning abilities than the $3 price now. Please teach us all how to do these inter-dimensional reality shifts to this place of $3 silver. You could sell tickets to your time warp so we could all go buy it cheap and teleport right back. You could market it to the masses make your money off of inter dimensional space ship trips. And we’d all have $3 dollar silver. .... but then wait.... drum roll. If it was that easy and we all had $3 Dill Silver wouldn’t that just bring the price of silver down to $3 Dills... just saying. There still seems to be a flaw with the meth smoking, acid tripping inter-dimensional time warp as well. .. Ignorance runs rampant ...
  12. And this is what I was saying about a portfolio. I have active money, long term money, short term money, passive money. Different types of money and the activities with those said money’s, accomplish different things. Those different things, ultimately combined together, contribute to making a well balanced strong financial foundation.
  13. We are getting so some bullet points people. “all for just having the cash or stash at hand” this reinforces what I am saying about hypertension like Wronger. All hype, all drama. No real assets or a pot to piss in. Think longer, think harder. Be more conservative and understand what real interest and profit actually are. Actually I should say both. Be more conservative in paying interest and more aggressive in collecting interest and profit.
  14. This is where subtle understanding and nuance becomes important. Well described and said my friend.
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