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  1. I use them all the time. Usual arrives in england around 3 to 4 days. i find it a lot easier to use a UPS drop off point then pick up when you want.
  2. Cheers to both. Completely understand now 👍
  3. Hi to all. Just a quickie. I’m a little confused about silver coins and bars. I’m hearing that bars are cheaper to buy due to less premium and that makes sense, though when I’m looking at buying one from example Silver to go – this is the part I don’t understand? 500g = 16 t oz I believe, so if a bar is £295.28 and is supposed to be cheaper but compared to coins = 15.72 x16 t oz = £251.52? Am I missing something here? Would like to buy bars though not if they are more than cheap coins for the same weight? Any advice please?
  4. DeoIanvs

    Britannia Bars

    I agree they look great. I,m just starting off and was wondering about the bar v coin. I would love a few bars but can't get me head around the vat part? Are bars worth getting against coin as in my young stacking mind keeps thinking about the extra coin i could buy with the £ from vat? Cheers
  5. Cheers to both. Sovereigns sound good so will start to buy those. 50/50 come to think of it I might do. Understand I will get less silver but then again I get more gold!
  6. Hi to all A quick question and possible advice please if you don’t mind? My Purpose: To hold onto some kind of wealth to be used in the next 25+ years. I’m new to the forum and very new to stacking silver (111 oz so far – going for cheap coins first to build up weight), though I’m also interested in investing in gold. Budget wise sadly is limited per month to maybe £300 silver and £100 gold if possible? I’m curious though about which gold coins would be the better choice between Sovereigns or save up for the large 1 oz Britannia’s? I know weight wise 4 ish Sovereigns would equal a Britannia though ideally what would the better coin be to buy for future sales or if indeed there is any difference and it’s all down to how the size of the coin / colour & weight for the buyer and that the saleability would end up being the same? I don’t mind saving and waiting if needed for the 1oz. With the budget I’m going to try and keep too (£300 silver and £100 gold because of the current cheap silver) I was also wondering if this should be better flipped over to £300 gold / £100 silver due to me retiring in 20 years and trying to get much wealth stored as possible? I really wished I had started stacking years ago 😞 Looking forward to hear back from you.
  7. Just received my very first delivery of coins this afternoon. They were sent over very quickly and easy to follow using the provided tracker number. I'm just about to order again soon.
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