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  1. I cancelled my order with them, waited weeks to be told they needed to do a credit check before sending my coins out even though I wanted to pay for them, something didn’t seem right when I spoke to them on the phone, I reckon once you’ve done credit check they will prob send you new releases as and when it suits them like a catalogue or subscription club 🤷🏾‍♂️🤔
  2. Tbh I’d rather pay the extra and actually get my coins rather than deal with Westminster who want a credit check before sending out weeks and weeks later, still baffled as to why they’d want a credit check when paying full price for items 🤔
  3. Same price as singles I bought yesterday from same site so I’d have to say no tbh they gone up by €0.09 now but still for that amount would want lower price
  4. I rang them to ask why they wanted to do a credit check before sending them they said it’s because it’s a high value order (£297). I explained I had entered my card details and the full amount was waiting so there’s no need to to do a credit check as I’m buying them and don’t need credit. She kept saying we need to do a credit check because we don’t charge the card til day of dispatch and I kept saying charge the card then dispatch them it’s simple, this went on for a while with her saying it’s normal and me explaining it’s not normal to credit check someone who is simply buying goods. In the end I just cancelled my order good deal or not I’m not playing their games and have a feeling the credit check is so they can start sending you new releases out as and when they please and billing you for them 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️
  5. Just collected mine from the post office all giddy lol Thabks to you both, can I hire you to do my Xmas wrapping 🤔
  6. Absolute joke “ high value of order “ it’s £297 ?!?!
  7. What’s this all about from Westminster saying they can’t process my order before I ring them and they do a credit check? I’m paying in full and have left the funds sat there waiting for them to take, is this so they can sign me up to automatic orders? I’ll be ringing them on Wednesday when back from hols hoping they’re just not trying to get out of the £99 deal 😡
  8. Westminster do that ?? Great they haven’t even dispatched my Brits yet, I’ll be sure to cancel any sort of subs when back in uk
  9. Yeah you never know do you I’m quite happy with my box and only have new stuff at home when it’s delivered for a few days to play with and I didn’t get the actual bullion insured just checked what is covered on my standard home insurance 👍🏾
  10. Hi guys don’t know if been posted already but this Black Friday deal on Westminster collection with free p+p looks decent maximum of 3 per household
  11. I did some more research with my home insurance company and apparently my bullion that is stored in my safe deposit box IS actually covered by my home contents policy also !!! I pay £140 a year for my box which will hold 5x what I have now and can be upgraded when needed and £60 a year for my contents insurance so it’s not too bad and although we all know how insurance companies are when you need to claim at least it’s covered while here, in the box and it’s actually covered on route to and from either. Meaning I get to enjoy each new purchase for a while before boxing it 😃 I’m there tomorrow to put in a cpl of bars and I’ll pick up a few refer a friend vouchers that give each a few extra months free of charge, it only has branches in Manchester and Leeds but might be useful for a cpl of people 👍🏾
  12. Yep both options have their cons I renewed anyway as had to but did it over the phone knowing that they record the calls and went over the " no not one single coin or bar is worth more than 2k, so are they covered " a few times and she repeated as long as each piece is under 2k then that's ok even if your collection is well over, I know it's not much but i think with receipts, pics bank transfers and even a spreadsheet all you can do is build up as much evidence as possible. As for the safety deposit box mines at a specialised company and it looks secure enough but we all know that where there's a will there's a way with thieves. I was more worried that if the police suspect a criminal using the facility under an alias they can seize every box and lets face it there must be a few dodgy types using them, again you'd be in the same position regards proof but have much more red tape and legalities to overcome. Also if ever the SHTF would any guards there turn up for work to let you in? I don't think a small safe is worth it as that is just saying here it is guys and off they toddle with it, I'd rather have a few small caches around the house. I think for now i'm going to keep doing what i'm doing and keep some at home and some at the centre until it's value is worth looking at other options like a large safe and insuring the box, hopefully will never have to make a claim and find out !!! Found this article ... £50k in a £500 safe .... erm no thanks lol What about storage and insurance? Holding physical gold involves storage and insurance costs. If you have a safe, storing your bullion at home is a possibility. Just don't go bragging about it at the pub. Installing a safe rated for holding gold to a value of (say) £50,000 might cost in the region of £500 or so. Safes rated as good for larger amounts for insurance purposes cost correspondingly more. Given appropriate security measures, you can normally add bullion to a household contents policy for only a modest additional premium. As with most insured valuables, you need to have proof of purchase to make a claim. Can I put gold in a safe deposit facility? Yes. Safety deposit facilities at normal bank branches are now limited. But for London residents, Selfridges has a long-established secure safety deposit facility with a minimum annual cost for a small box of £120.
  13. Hi everyone I'm fairly new to stacking but have built up a decent amount of silver and some gold, I am due to renew my contents insurance and was looking at the terms which states in lay mans "precious metals of gold or silver individually up to £2000 per piece to a total of £15000" I'm just curious if anyone has had to make a claim ever and how much hassle it was, what receipts etc they required and whether it's worth taking pictures also. I have a small safe deposit box but that isn't insured ( the costs are ridiculous ) and I've read of police raiding entire centres and confiscating the lot and it being very hard to get your items back insured or not, so now i'm wondering if my main stack should be kept at home and smaller amounts in the safe box as opposed to vise versa as I do it now ?
  14. Damn they get it out of you anyway they can grrrr lol ok thanks for the info
  15. Hmmm was just a thought I'll look into it further as I've been sent gifts from over there before and if it's not company packed and has no invoice might be worth a try with one bar and a xmas card lol
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