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  1. Also a nice box of well packed shiny arrived today, thanks Mr and Mrs BYB!ūüėÄ
  2. HH totally agree, seems to even have forgot about the "Positive" chance of winning free silver in Jan Grp Order
  3. Yep agree, just had Dragons and Orientals on the top of my shopping list. I have only be on the group orders for the last two and agree with the impeccable devotion from the BYB duo. Thankyou both!!!
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question! but do the tray of Panda's still come in coin capsules as well?
  5. The missis used to work at Sainsbury’s and there were times that if you buy 1 item it’s £1 but two it’s only 1.50. Anyway she used to pick up some bargains when she finished and sometimes things were reduced to say 20p, but buying 2 for 40p would still knock off 50p. She loved seeing the look on her colleagues faces, when the till had a negative figure. They never gave her money back for taking goods off there hands. But she walked out with the items for free. I think the loophole has now been fixed.
  6. He is escorting the white van back to the UK full of silver, after doing a trip to the EU Mint. Hence why his car is so dirty.
  7. Good news...No White stuff has fallen from the sky today. Bad news...No Silver stuff has fallen through the letterbox today. Hopefully the 2nd one will change tomorrow.
  8. Thanks both. At least I’ll be able to check what I brought from the imprint on my forehead.
  9. I’m also exited as I’ve been to the sweet shop and spent all me pocket money. Missis is going to kill me when she finds out!
  10. Great work @Sparky, are they two cannabis coins in the bottom left corner?
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