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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have any experience with these? I’ve found a seller who wants to get rid of it at a great price, has anyone ever come across any fakes?
  2. I would love two if these are still going? PM me
  3. Hopefully soon! It’s just finding somewhere to store it.
  4. Finally made the decision to buy the seven Queens beasts so far from Zeusss4, I have to say they look unbelievable! Photos do not do them justice, really happy with the purchase.
  5. Can I ask where you bought these from? Would love some!
  6. Thanks for all of your feedback, I do think the photos don’t do it justice but I am going to get it checked out!
  7. Yeah that’s the lighting, the second two photos had a secondary light source at 12 o’clock in comparison to the first was just natural.
  8. Hi all, the coin arrived today, just took a couple photos, never realised how difficult it is to take a up close shot so I’ve done my best. The size of it seems perfect, the weight I can’t get a exact measurement as my scales of only to 0.1 of a G (that’s next on the shopping list) but looks good. Any thoughts?
  9. Hi all, thanks for the advice! It was bought through Shpock, the buying and selling app for £185 which I couldn’t say no to. I do have my reservations but I am covered by PayPal and the sovereign does have some back story. It was won through this website below, and I have also added a photo what he sent me. As the seller doesn’t have any interest in gold he needs the money. I will post a couple up close photos as soon as I receive it. Happy Hunting! http://sovereigndraw.co.uk/
  10. Mccabe215

    Sovereign Help

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if someone can help me? I’ve recently bought a 2018 Sovereign at a cracking price online but when it arrives I want to make sure that it’s real, is there any easy tests to do to make sure it’s real?
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