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  1. After that I will millennium falcon may way across the North Sea between the Dutch and British beach and deliver the shinies for a decent commission 😅
  2. This one is easy, it was @BackyardBullion with his massive group order; “No bloody Krugerrands!!!”
  3. Where do you live? In many countries, your daughter doesn't have the right legal age to sign for recieving. That means that her signature doesn't mean anything.
  4. Two option; We gather the Dutch fleet and sail up the Thames like in the good old days. Or, swear fealty to the house of Windsor, the Queen and proclaim my appartement to be British territory and part of the United Kingdom.
  5. There have always been times of economic strengt and downfall. Thinking that it won't happen again is something only the fairies and naïve students with a socialist way of economic thinking believe ( "but socialism will work this time dammit!"). The question is not if but when, it could be next year or take another 5 decades. Since avarage national debt is even large now than in 2008, do the math
  6. I just made an order, for .... "a little bit" of silver. I'll let you know how that goes
  7. Maybe a stupid question, but do traders buy back Platinum?
  8. This May sound stupid but how do I delete a post with the mobile Phone browser?
  9. Maybe I will put some time into that for the more popular silver What I ment was, is this offer stil open -> (from last group order) "They have offered to price match the following items with GS.be" Any coins from the Queen's Beast Series (bullion), 10 oz & 2 oz - including the 10 oz dragon & 2 oz bull (although EU Mint are actually cheaper right now!) Oriental Border Britannias Perth Mint Dragon Bars Regular bullion coins, Britannias, Maples, Philharmonicas, kangaroos, koalas, pandas, kookaburras and eagles (2018 versions). Back dated years is on a case by case basis. The new Royal Mint two dragon coin
  10. Is there a list of the coins that EU-mint offers at the same or cheaper price?
  11. Turned 30 Just two months ago, will own my first silver ounces next week
  12. I think there will be an increase of smuggeling of everything, the UK will be royally screwed. I'm no fan of the current 'democratic' EU-system with it's hand-tied parliament and the EU-commission that does everything behind clossed doors. Nevertheless the UK had one of the best/if not the best position within the EU and all control will now go to Germany first, France second. My poor friends and family in the UK will see different times with a hard Brexit
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