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  1. Going to go for all the S mintmark Proof Silver Eagles but managed to pick this up extremely cheap so went for it.
  2. American Liberty High Relief Silver Medal. Very happy with the design even though it's not to everyone taste.
  3. Hi all wondered if you can help? I've been trying to find out if there are Silver Proof Annual Coin Sets for 2017 onwards. This is where I've become stuck. I called Island coins and stamps, they said to contact Westminster, they said to contact IOM post office, they said to contact Island coins and stamps. Next step I thought would be to contact the mint direct directly. This being The Tower Mint. They said to contact Island coins and stamps. As you can see im just going around in circles. Any help woukd he greatly appreciated.
  4. Yep it's all good there is no weird texture on the coin. Bad lighting for the photos unfortunately.
  5. So I've started to add stuff into this but the price of gold is stuck at 984.95. How do I change this? Does it match data from somewhere as it doesn't match what I can see.
  6. 1912 London Sovereign to start a tube off.
  7. I would say from Victoria onward I would consider as bullion as when I've purchased just bullion from a dealer they range from Victoria upwards. I really like the idea of this to keep track of my stack but personal preference would be an app for a mobile device.
  8. I was just wondering as I've not really seen any about for sale. It's one I'm keeping. I love my coin.
  9. Yeah, I've been having great difficulty finding anything other than that company. Seems everyone wants to keep the coin they bought.
  10. Not the best photos... But this coin 🤑
  11. King George V 1936 Maundy Money set (distributed by King Edward VIII).
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