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  1. Well ilovesilverireallydo, you have proven that the 1/10 can most certainly be as sexy as the best of them. So for that well done. At the moment I am swinging slightly more towards the liquidity of the half sovereign and slightly bigger size, but this is not a done deal yet. I plan to pull the trigger in the next two weeks.
  2. I am hearing ya. Cheers for the response.
  3. Lol I can quite easily see myself purchasing both as well in the end. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi all, I have neglected gold for far too long now, so have decided to add some fractional gold to my stack in the new year. Out of interest, which do people prefer out of 1/10 Brits and Half Sovereigns and why? Is the size difference noticeable for example? Cheers
  5. For small purchases I don't think you can fault SilverTrader UK although certain bog standard bullion coins on Yorkshire Bullion maybe slightly cheaper. Anything with a slightly higher premium then it would be silver trader out of those two. Have you checked out Bleyer Bullion? I hear that they can be quite good. Historically a fella at work put together a few group order via Atkinsons Bullion and Coin and if the order is large enough they are not bad. Although, as above, Europe is the way forward as it stands with the likes of Silver-to-go. Until we hear what the heck is happening with
  6. If you're only after one or two as part of your collection I would recommend SilverTrader if you want it next day and in a good quality capsule.
  7. Signed πŸ‘πŸ» takes less than a minute so worth it.
  8. Exactly the same as ApplezippoandMetronome. Although I was always pretty good at saving and budgeting my excess cash would go on nights down the pub, going to football, cinema and meals out. Now I have a toddler and a tough job, so the above are very rare these days. I enjoy stacking, so this gives me a quick fix plus I like the fact that it's a store of wealth that will either be given to my child eventually who would have paid zero towards it or if things go a bit tits up it can help supplement my later years in life. Definitely worse hobbies in life.
  9. Timmo365

    Silver books

    Hi, When I first started out I purchased 'Stack Silver Get Gold' by Hunter Riley. Although it's basic and has a US slant I found it easy to understand, wasn't expensive and really helps you grasp the reasons people stack PMs.
  10. Mine were perfect too. We all absolutely love it! You and Mrs BYB are community heros 😁
  11. I be the one to introduce the man. Welcome Greg. Shall see you tomorrow to discuss further. I have another stacker friend who may join the Forum. Poor BYB.
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