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  1. Seems pretty good, i haven't bought from them before though, how reputable are they? unless the sale continues until after july 5th, the price doesn't really matter.
  2. kalfax

    Looking for a mentor

    i see. personally i have more silver than gold, but ofc that's due to the price differences. i'll probs get more into gold but ill also not stop buying silver since i've got a while to keep saving.
  3. kalfax

    Looking for a mentor

    easier said than done i'm probably close to 6 months in pms but not cash haha, it's definitely a good idea. i've got a morgage so i can't save much, and about half of it i put into pms.
  4. kalfax

    Looking for a mentor

    Thanks for the info, yes europeanmint is great, but once the new customs law approves, we can only buy government bullion without paying extra tax etc, so it'll be worse to buy collector coins or even just bullion that isn't government minted, like rounds. it's a huge shame. i'll keep getting some gov minted stuff though, but international trade from europeanmint is gonna be less viable than it's been before due to that reason. i'm defo gonna get more into gold, i have a gold sovereign which i think is nice, ill probs go more into gold since silver seems more risky, but will keep getting both.
  5. kalfax

    Looking for a mentor

    Well, while that's true, if a recession hits, a pension wouldn't be worth much anymore, so it's just a safehaven, but it's also a piggybank for retirement.
  6. kalfax

    Looking for a mentor

    Thanks for all the suggestions. i already have some silver and gold, but still consider myself new to this. i've watched a lot of youtube videos, but feel like they don't always relate to my country's location or political things going on.
  7. I find these medals to be really nice they're 925 silver.
  8. Would be nice to learn more about silver & gold, if anyone is willing to teach i'd love to learn some more about it. I'm a beginner stacker right now.
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