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  1. Ok great, I'll give it a go, cheers.
  2. Hello all, I registered a few months back to sell my silver, and the time has come to start offloading. With zero trading history, it was suggested that I send item first and receive payment after delivery. I'm ok with this with active trading members I think, can I request in my post or auction that only recently active members with trading history bid? I have a few rolls to sell, but I guess it's sensible to start with smaller amounts...? Thoughs or comments welcome 🙂
  3. Wow that is so helpful. Prices look fine to me, thanks again
  4. That's very informative, thank you. Makes a lot of sense too.
  5. Ta muchly Thanks very much!
  6. And here is a nice little poured bar from the Perth Mint, bought in person:
  7. Thanks very much, quite the warm welcome here I must say. Is there enough traffic here for an auction do you think, or do most people sell at a specific price (and drop it down as necessary I noticed)? I just dug out my Kook rolls to check the dates, they are 2019s, encapsulated, never opened. Think they'll go well?!
  8. Ah that'll work for me, great idea, thanks!
  9. I've been recommended this place by a frustrated eBay user! I last unloaded my stack around 2012, and eBay worked really well then, but it doesn't look so good now. Money on hold because you didn't send it special delivery?! Anyway hello and I look forward to chatting with some fellow stackers over the coming weeks. I'll be releasing some of my stack onto the market, so if there are interested buyers of silver kooks and koalas, keep an eye out! I'm also interested in buying gold sovereigns over a long period of time, so I hope to stick around. Question - how do sales work with a newbie with no trading feedback? Should I buy some stuff first? Thanks in advance 🙂
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