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  1. It's a really beautiful oz of Silver. This piece is what got me into Silver and the silver community. Selling for 60$ shipped and capsuled anywhere in the US. In support of the Silver community this money will go to buying more Silver and nowhere else, I'm in the stacking stage right now so collectable silver is not for me... yet. If you are from another country but still interested we can figure something out, but I am not familiar with international shipping process or rates.
  2. Is there anyone who has a good sized collection of Silver Mexican Libertads? I just got into silver collecting and I am looking for one. The story behind the Libertads is really cool to me, but I can't find one for a decent price. If there is anyone who can just sell me one at a good price I would appreciate it. Just know, it's not something I am looking to resale no matter how much silver changes. This isn't me trying to make a quick buck, it's something I am gonna keep forever. The fact the founder created the Mexican Libertads because he cared about his country and wanted the silver to be currency (which is the goal for the community) makes me really like that coin, plus I myself come from a Mexican background makes me like the coin even more. Unfortunately I just started collecting, and paying the premium for the Libertad is very hard, it's higher than the already high premiums. Again, I just want one since I am not looking to sell it. Just shoot me a price, this coin will stay in the community. I'm not asking for a hand out, but also I can't afford the steep premium on it right now. Edit: Was able to buy two older versions of the Libertad, the forum is awesome. If anyone has the newer design of any year I'm still interested, but happy to have Libertad in my collection now.
  3. I am so happy this forum exist, I just got into Silver and was looking for a community. I really hope I win, just started stacking and this piece would be a meaningful addition to my stack. Though, I would hardly call it a stack right now at 4 oz 😅. I'll get to stacker territory someday. If anyone wants to sell me some silver closer to spot to help me get started I'd appreciate it. Hard to start when you have no sources and have to pay 5-7$ bucks above spot. I could use a jumpstart.
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