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  1. Since I was the one to open the topic, I'd like to share my views and preferences with you. So: 1. What's your favorite category of gold coin(s) to stack/collect? I mostly stack old numismatic coins, as close to spot as possible. I need to know that I can easily liquidate part of my stack if and when the need arises, while at the same time adding a flair of nostalgia and collectibility in it. Most of my stack consists of Sovereigns. However, I also have some LMU gold coins and some bullion coins, just for the fun of it. 2. For the ones among you who stack/collect old num
  2. I would suggest you be extra careful, orientating yourself towards 1 Oz Gold Britannias, if I may say, because as gold climbs higher you'll gradually face difficulties finding buyers for such a big, expensive coin, in case you want to sell the coins to get cash. If I were in your shoes, being Brit, I'd keep the bulk of my stack around Sovs, because their smaller size and price render them easier to sell.
  3. So you believe there's going to be a second referendum and the verdict this time will be for secession. Right?
  4. Isn't Scotland part of the U.K., in which case a Sov for instance would be an example of a numismatic coin issued by your country? 🤔😉😃 P.S.: Love your quote by the way!
  5. Interesting info! Where did you get that? Any link?
  6. "A stacker with a slight numismatic foible". You said it all my friend! It seems like we're brothers in arms! 😉😄
  7. That is exactly the core difference between a stacker and a collector, in my view: baulking at high premiums. By saying "Britannia Ozzers" I would assume you mean silver Britannias, because the gold ones don't generally trade for much above spot.
  8. Interesting approach! I find particularly noticeable the fact that you collect gold only from your country (sovereigns) but you're more "lax", so to say, with your silver collecting habits. I find this pretty noticeable, because in the course of years, I've drawn the conclusion that people tend to be more "serious / rigid" with their gold collecting habits, whereas on the other hand that is not the case with silver. As a result of the fact that silver is much cheaper than gold, people tend to find (more) "easy joy", if I may use the expresion, in it, meaning that they tend to easily d
  9. You like big sizes I see. What do you mean by saying "OCDish"?
  10. Very diplomatic answer...!😉😄
  11. No I'm not. I'm new here and I'm just looking to get an idea of what people mostly like to collect/stack in gold, regarding sizes, origins e.t.c. Also, I'm looking to find out whether a personal notion that I have, that people everywhere mostly like to collect coins from their own countries, with the sole exception of british gold sovereigns that are universally desirable, is accurate or not.
  12. Very interesting. I would assume though, that the 100g PAMP bars you're mentioning are silver, not gold, bars.
  13. Hello everyone, This is a random inquiry, for us to get a general idea, as to what our stacking / collecting preferences are: 1. What's your favorite category of gold coin(s) to stack/collect? - Old numismatic coins, at close to spot (sovereigns, LMU e.t.c.). Please, also specify if you care. - Modern bullion coins. Please also specify if you care (American gold eagles, Wiener Philharmonics, Britannias, Canadian Maple Leafs e.t.c.). 2. For the ones among you who stack/collect old numismatic coins, do you have a (strong) preference for gold coins, issued by your own country
  14. The most difficult ones to find, among the relatively modern "20"-denomination LMU run, are the ones from Montenegro (20 Perpera) and Albania (20 Franga). They carry such huge premiums!
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