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  1. Thanks...love the eye candy!
  2. Experiences just like yours are precisely why I've chosen not to list recent v75 acquisitions on eBay or any other online community. Policies administered by companies operating within those communities are one-sided, protecting and even enabling fraudulent practices by buyers. It is not a seller friendly environment. Sellers are at the whim of these companies and communities. It pains me to see others learning through experiences like this, but I appreciate you sharing it here!
  3. 2020 W End of World War II v75 Privy Mark AGE & ASE
  4. Hi, I attempted to post a couple photos to the "Photos Only Forum", but unable to. Is this a function of having posted so few topics/replies or perhaps it is a premium member only section?
  5. Thanks! Just updated, appreciate it.
  6. Oh excellent! What are your picks for great LCS' in Virginia particularly in the northern and central regions? BTW, It seems my location and stacker/collector status to the left and below my display name aren't populated (at least in my view) and don't seem to see a way to change that in the profile settings. Anyone know how that may be changed?
  7. Hello all. New to the forum here from Virginia USA. It's great to see an online community for precious metals. Glad to be here to learn from you and perhaps share my own experiences so others may learn as well. Looking forward to communicating with everyone.
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