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  1. are these still in production? provident metals sent me the alert this morning. i happened to catch it before i went to work and bought another one. just curious if they're being made is all
  2. agreed. i wouldnt hesitate to buy another. would like another prospector as well. i actually bought 9 of these [Prospector] on ebay but 8 were for a friend of mine. i going to try and persuade him into a trade for a 2nd
  3. i wasnt paying attn to your location. sorry to hear. at least you have 2 of 3😁 i would like to get a kilo someday
  4. i just picked up 2/10oz tombstones and 2/fivers. if you like the others, you will wont be dissapointed
  5. ive been wanting a few bars that seem to always be out of stock. the britannia is my absolute favorite [thanks Zat!🤙]but the four horseman and the prospector are very nice to and difficult to find at a reasonable price. the others i did choose carefully because i like the design and the prices were fair.
  6. i just got 1. like it so much, im going to get 19 more. i think they're gorgeous
  7. its fine. just compare prices to their website first and consider shipping
  8. added some 1oz poured silver bars to the wanted list. i can do about 5 right now. maybe some more next month
  9. had to go to ebay. oh well. my bucketlist is complete for now. 10oz Brittania [thanks Zat!] 10 oz 4 Horseman 10oz RCM need 1 more scottsdale 10oz stacker for an even 100oz. after that, im fine with the sunshine bars😁
  10. these seem to always be out of stock and ebay sellers want a fat premium on them [even though bullion dealers dont] so i thought i would try here. these two bars have been on my radar for a while. the other was a RCM 10oz. [which is on the way😁] im in the US so that should be considered with shipping. prefer a seller with some feedback behind him or her. im in WA state. cheers and happy holidays 10oz "bucket list' bars are off the list. Now looking for 1oz poured silver bars to round out a 20-30oz bag. what i have so is 8/MPM bars 3/yeager bare bones 3/yeager skull pa
  11. i wish you were in the US. looking to add some ASE to my stack. GLWS though
  12. i have a few bars im selling. shipping for each is $8 or $8 for all 3. usps flat rate assuming you are in the US Provident Metals 10oz...$250 Apmex 10oz loaf style cast bar. still in plastic...$250 Silvertowne 5/1oz bars. 5oz total...$135 i also have 3 scottsdale stacker rounds that are 2oz each. 6oz total but im asking $180 for those i have reciepts for everything as it was all bought from either apmex or jm
  13. im gonna drop the price on this to $725 shipped. i would rather use the funds to stack more silver
  14. thanks CD. i actually did email him and its a no go. but i have a couple standard 10oz bars and i will probably pick these up from him
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