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  1. Yeah I think this might be my solution, I've also been looking at a pelican box.
  2. Thanks for the info, yeah im purely looking for capsule storage as my preferred method and Guardhouse seem to have the best solution to that for me. The issue is that the stock in the UK is non=existent or 10 times the price in the US. When at the correct price they seem very good for the money. Google wasn't helpful and only gave the information I posted here, hence why I thought I'd check here to see if anyone knew any better than google
  3. I did mention it in the post but a link may have been helpful https://www.guardhouseholders.com/store/c/2506-Guardhouse-Capsule-Storage-Boxes.aspx
  4. Looking for something to store capsules in. The guardhouse house ones look ideal but are stupidly expensive in the UK from what I can find, does anyone have a similar solution?
  5. I go to Costco pretty much weekly, am I about to learn they sell silver coins?
  6. Thanks buddy, super helpful!
  7. So as the title says, I'm very new to stacking and waiting on a small delivery of Britannia's to kick me off. I have been looking through the forum and checking out a few online retailers, checking prices and postage costs. I'm trying to work out why EU vendors are so much cheaper, is VAT the only reason? I wanted to pick up a couple of 2020 Krakens. Somewhere like www.silver-to-go.com (good reviews from this forum) have it for £48.59 compared to somewhere like www.silvertrader.uk/ at £62.49. I'm essentially double checking I'm not making a mistake and missing som
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