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  1. Today, I stopped by my LCS and saw six slabbed Morgan Dollars, NGC and PCGS. Five were 1881-S, ranging from MS62-MS64, $55 each for the MS62-63, $100 for the MS-64. I also saw one 1898, no mint mark, MS-63 for $55. They have an XRF to verify the silver content. When I got home, I checked out NGC and PCGS and saw all of these prices are below their prices by about $20. or 17% below the list prices. Curiously, this LCS expensive for ASEs ($31) and AGEs ($1,995 or $123.60 over spot), so I'm unclear as to why they've discounted the Morgan Dollars. Any idea why? I like the M
  2. Due to the pandemic, cafes/Starbucks are take-out only, while banks, at least in my area, limit the number of customers going inside. They also have "no solicitation" signs. In this environment, has anyone been able to buy/sell in banks?
  3. Thanks. screamingeagle, to whom did you sell your gold, eg LCS, Ebay, face-to-face?
  4. Thanks. I would be reluctant to remove the tamper proof packaging if I planned to sell it, because I would think that it would either be hard to sell or I'd get a lower price. Has that been anyone's experience when selling?
  5. Thanks. Please tell us about your experiences selling gold.
  6. Thanks. About 100 gram bars, I meant solid, ie not the type that are and can be split up.
  7. Newbie here. My goals for gold bar purchases are wealth preservation and SHTF protection. I understand the premium differences between these types of bars, and I'm looking for guidance on which to buy, including the best return and easiest sale in an SHTF scenario. One LCS is completely out of gold bars, the other in short supply or out over the past week (right now, only 1 oz and 100 gm). The latter shop has really good prices on old/no packaging. That LCS is willing to check the bars in person with its Sigma Metalytics Precious Metal Verifier Pro. Here are some
  8. Hi, I'm looking to invest in physical gold for my IRA. I found Itrustcapital, which sounds good. The reviews are favorable, but none by anyone who has had an account with them for more than six month (maybe there are some longer than that, I just couldn't find them). What are your thoughts and experiences with Itrustcapital? Thanks
  9. DoubleEagle, I'm thinking of investing in a PM IRA. When I am eligible for distributions, is it better to take delivery of the PM or have the custodian sell it? Also, what sort of insurance should the custodian have?
  10. Thank you. Do you have any tips for in-person negotiating after making a coupld purchases with the same dealer, eg showing APMEX's on-line price as a comparable?
  11. Thank you, Fadeingstar and Stacker2020. I'm in California, so I have to spend at least $1,500 to avoid sales tax (8.5%). The nearest precious metals dealer in my area recommends 10 oz silver bars and, for gold, American Gold Eagles (not an upsell; I asked about gold). I am familiar with this shop since the early 2000s, their being in the same building I used to work at. He also said he will use his X-ray machine to show me that the silver (and gold) are real. However, you have to pay in full to order the Gold Eagles due to none in stock; is that something others are seeing. If I do
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