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  1. Just started stacking and figure I should probably buy a better scale for testing and was wondering if anyone can recommend a scale for weighing gold? I’m currently looking on amazon and the price range is quite wide and so I’m unsure what price range would get me a accurate and reliable scale to a decimal point of 0.01.
  2. I have a lump sum I plan to invest in gold as opposed to keeping it in cash and so far I have bought some bullion gold full sovereigns. I have a few questions, any advice would be greatly appreciated. For stacking gold as savings would bullion grade full sovereigns and Britannia’s be my best choice? And do these have the lowest premium between buying and selling? should I dollar cost average buy gold weekly or lump sum? (probably a stupid question) lastly should I wait until things calm down such as after Brexit and the us election? As looking at golds price decline after 2
  3. Received my order the next day after purchasing them and the coins all look fine as far as I can tell(don’t have much to compare them to being a new to this). They all look fairly decent quality(bought bullion grade).
  4. Hi I’m new to the forum and relatively new to buying precious metals and I just ordered some bullion grade full sovereigns from the britanniacoincompany site which i found through the goldprice premium comparison tool, Stupidly after ordering I noticed this site is relatively new. was ordering from here a rookie mistake or is this a trusted company?
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