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  1. That is very true and you want to spend a couple extra seconds ensuring that they stay nicer. If you keep them in good condition then you can earn some premiums back at the end. Shiny + Well Handled = More £££ However with circulated coins, you can be the judge 🙃
  2. Any good YouTube links or web pages would be helpful aswell, I think I might go with ASE & Maples not so sure on bars yet...
  3. Haha thanks, you would be a great sponsor for byb 👍 The CGT is pretty disappointed as I'm pretty sure Britannia's are highly prone to milk spotting. However if we are going by bullion weight I will be able to get away with some techniques to remove the spots. About CGT, how much silver do you have to sell to get CGT. Is it a certain amount? I've heard that if you use desiccant/vacuum-sealing when bought helps with milk spots not to appear. Found it from a chemist on a YouTube comment
  4. Well the information will pass on and pass on. I've made a 3 posts, one has gone unnoticed about what coins have had best experiences with but tbh it's what you expect lol I'll definitely be passing on my info, it's nice to know that I'm not a newbie any more! In YT comments I can finally understand what they are saying and give em a reply 😁
  5. Can you not buy in person or from a dealer which is better?
  6. True but that only applies if you can sell the item in a certain time oeriod, I'm not sure how long that period lasts but it might work for high demand items
  7. I have been researching alot over the last few days and have concluded that I will invest in silver bullion and gold, only talking about silver for now I need to learn gold lol What are some good brands to go with when buying bullion silver considering premiums, if they are easily accessible, milk spotting/toning, where I can buy them, whether it's worth the premium and any other issues I should be aware of? Maples, Krugerrands etc. I plan to stack for 5-10 years and interested in small bars nothing to big 10oz max as I won't be able to afford them. Thanks!
  8. That is true indeed and I agree with the gold being more stabler than silver but why? Gold will stay like a currency and silver half currency half industrial is my guess. (with the risk of it losing its industrial value) A problem of offloading silver wouldn't really be a problem unless you stack tonnes of it (I don't), a few trips to the dealer is definitely worth it in which they take large amounts of silver it'd be their problem on what to do next with it. I'm not gonna be keeping 170 kilos of silver with me lol, I'd definitely go with gold then as it's easier to store and I
  9. I'd avoid eBay, they charge you like 13% fees 10% eBay 3% PayPal, I've sold items on eBay there before.
  10. Does milk spotting/toning take off value of a coin and do bars milk/tone or are there any issues I should be aware about bars?
  11. False intact, I just read that that maples have a new milk coating technology that stop them however I do think Britannia's milk more as they are produced to a lower standard
  12. I thought milked coins were faulty or is it more a cosmetic issue? For collectors I'd see it as an issue but if we are going by bullion weight they would still sell fine right?
  13. If you can order directly from the RM what's the point of the EU mint dispatching it? Do they do something special to the coin or just dispatch them; a partnership like eBay & PayPal?
  14. Why do people buy gold though? Isn't silver predicted to increase in value alot due to industrial demand and gold will increase slightly? Or do they buy it due for financial stability as gold is more recognised as 'wealthy'
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