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  1. i have heard this before but i am maybe speculating that the gold to silver ratio will come down again in the future with the gold price being at record highs and silver price still no way near.i could be wrong as like i say im new to investing in precious metals!i suspect the main reason ive not yet got my feet wet with gold is that im using my monthly savings to invest(would take a couple of months to save for gold)as my misses would kill me if i spent our savings😅
  2. hello everbody so a little about myself and my journy from bank account saver to stacker. So when i went back to work after being furloughed i had to go back on a semi-permanent late shift as my wife was working from home in the day which meant i had the kids,then would go to work on my late shift. This led to me coming home after work drinking more than ever and watching youtube.this is when i came across mike maloneys hidden secrets of money(very interesting series)since watching i have researched all topics more and ultimatly i made my first investment in silver. My wife thinks ive los
  3. hello everybody, looking for dragon,griffin,unicorn and bull! i know i can get the unicorn and bull from a few places at reasonble ish prices but thought i would try here first. srtuggling to source the griffin and the dragon seams far to expensive not sure why as im new to stacking/collecting.anybody know why? thanks in advance
  4. Thanks Dicker for taking the time to look into my questions about the legitimacy of this company.I guess if the price seems to good to be true it probably is. cheers joe
  5. Hello, im new to stacking silver bullion and like most people want the best price for silver bullion. I have made two purchases of silver from silver-to-go as they were the cheapest place i could find.I have recently come across a company called JAG precious metals through facebook and wondered if anyone else has used this company?im unable to find any reviews and the price for silver britannias is over £5 cheaper per coin than anywhere else i can find. for these reasons im worried it may be a scam.
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