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  1. Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with this. Why are Libor rates general viewed as having a greater affect on gold prices than the 10 year U.S. treasury bond rate. When you compare the two on graphs, the 10 year seems to marry up with gold prices a lot better. Thank you for any help with this
  2. Hi, I was hoping to pick the brains of more experienced stackers. When it comes to more premium coins, how do the prices of these tend to act when it's underlying metal's spot price peaks and troughs. Do they tend to hold they're price due to being more collector's items and generally more scarce? Or does the premium on the coin act like a multiplier over equivalent bullion coins? Thanks.
  3. The stimulus packages that were given out to bouy the economy have certainly hampered what would typical be a 'raining gold' opportunity for Buffett. It's a very out of character purchase for him (although so was Apple and look how that's turned out). Given the relatively small size of the acquisition I would suspect this would have been one of either Todd or Ted's acquisitions.
  4. You got a friend in me 😂 Added 0 minutes later... Thank you all 🙂
  5. Hi everyone, Andy here. Have just made an account and wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to precious metals and have caught the bug after watching a lot of YouTube channels on the subject (especially Backyard Bullion, excellent content). In the one day I've been a member, I've already read a lot of useful info so thank you for that.
  6. I'm new to precious metals and certainly have a lot to learn but it seems like platinum has a lot going for it. The stock to flow looks favourable. It's historically cheap in relation to other precious metals. The production seems very concentrated, so any issues or strikes at the mines could see the price spike very suddenly. There is probably a safety net with how low the price can go with such a sizeable chunk of the total yearly supply coming from recycling. If it gets too low, the recycling will no longer be profitable and cease, that lack of supply should then be reflected in the price.
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