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  1. artdeco

    Storage and VAT

    Thanks, very useful. Generally I am with Rickards on this, in the sense of "it should never be further away than a bicycle ride away" especially when tshtf. I guess my idea of diversification is "maybe put a bit in storage" and if it alleviates a touch on the govt theft (aka VAT) then so be it. Then again when I sell, fiat will be no use, that's why I want physical. Maybe I can get out of my storage PMs before we revert to zero on fiats/the new system. I'd really rather just do deals with physical for other assets, but Switzerland has been around a long time, I reckon it will survive. I wonder if one can take a bet on that somewhere
  2. artdeco

    Storage and VAT

    Thanks Chris, that info seems to have been a trifle buried on their site. Seems a bit odd for the purchaser to have to make a contribution to "their" insurance costs, but a contract is a contract.
  3. Careful it doesn't sink! Then how will the govt steal your wealth!
  4. artdeco

    Storage and VAT

    Hi all, I have a technical and experiential question. I've always believed in physical but as I am primarily in SIlver, I really don't want too many more kilos at home for security and convenience. The question: I generally buy from gold.co.uk, they can store (in Switzerland I believe) after purchase. They say £10 per month. Is this for all purchases under your account or would you have to pay £10 for every purchase? Secondly, say I buy a kilo for around a thousand GBP and in 2 years it goes up to £5000. If I sell it back to them at 3% under spot, I don't have to pay any VAT yes? Only if I take delivery I pay VAT, and that would be on the original purchase price not on current value? Responses much appreciated.
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