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  1. I don't get that response.... what I have to sell makes little difference because for one, I have a variety, for 2, I'll sell each type to whatever place pays the most if this is possible (re minimums etc) and 3, what I have will change through the future... SD bull, JM bull, Proident, Monument Metals, MMExchange, BGASC, Hero, Apmex, ya'll heard of these... and many more, and smaller bullion places online and online coin dealers... THAT'S what / who I meant. Most are SO non transparent, HENCE MY QUERY HERE...
  2. Ok, so I guess either no one sells their silver, or only to LCS or? I thought this would be a BASIC aspect of stacking etc... Maybe a hot button topic... In any case, I feel even more frustrated, read my OP; this seems to be an extension of what I said.... easy to buy, get screwed (at least a little) when you sell, BEYOND normal profts for businesses, but ONLY IF IF IF you can even sell! GP
  3. I still eagerly await some dealer info but thanks to those that have replied so far. If anything I would sell on a forum, or Reddit is active (is that a bad thing to mention the "competition" here?)... but it is a) more pe\\iecemeal, potentially, and still potentially "dangerous", and b) didn't think anyone would hardly buy from a newbie. I don't have the silver to sell for the hell of it and build a reputation over time which, given the current marker, I may not have anyway.... GP
  4. Should I just go eat worms? No, I mean I'm new here, but based in the US, but I got the impression that even though this is a European based forum, a lot of US residents participated; yes, no, maybe? Thanks, Pete
  5. Title says it all (in short, except for my coming rant)... except that as someone that has not sold BUT has hundreds of hours of research in to PM, have been somewhat APPALLED to only recently discovered that selling is a LOT harder... after seeing all the friendly, well known YouTubers claim how easy it is, am VERY disconcerted. Minimums? Especially when I will have to pay shipping? And minimums of $1,000.00 being a common smallest, others higher, 100 or even 500 ounces!?! And/or those same figures (many dealers don't post the tiers, most don't) .... well, the fact that prices when they do show are only for big daddy sellers, guess they offer us littluns' tuppence for our paltry putrid puny stacks... Seriously, we only get a discount when buying in bulk, pay higher when buying small, but also get LESS when selling small, and they don;t expect a discount when they buy more from us in bulk? MESSED UP! And MOST want you to call or email... that takes forever and the market moves fast! Only a few list buy back prices, but all but one? says in fine print at bottom of page or hidden, only for high tie sellers, so that's small help (and at high price times DO they tend to always buy, AND at poorer buy back prices or mainly their average). Almost, really no one ever talk or talked about this. I read, forums, did searches, watched tube will my eyes bleed... all I heard was LITTLE on sellers, except easy peasy cheesy when I did. I don;t want to name names. None of what I found is anywhere easy or even American Consumer fair (which is a REALLY) low standard. Please, don't flame, I KNOW they are in business, I have been in more on than off in multiple industries for over 30 years since a kid in a family business, plus store fronts AND "mail-order" when it was still called that, and online........ I know about profits and expenses. Have emails in to a lot of dealers, let's see what kind of responses I get... To recap: I can BUY what I want easily, in small amounts, but, try to sell with dealer transparency in at least "approximate" prices (ballpark) amounts less than a CHUNK, forget it! So, rant over. I did searches here and found little, especially recent. Did I miss something? Give me your experiences, buybacks prices or general relative good better best etc... USA, online. I have nothing local, no lcs, and ebay or instagram or FB or other methods MAY not be a viable option (you know how it is at times). Help. Thanks, GP PS if I have been a goober and somehow missed an (up to date, or even any) PINNED thread on this particular topic, sorry, point me to it, but am stunned their is not one that I could see...
  6. Just a quick hello as recommended... I'm not a chatty Cathy since I don't really have the time (day to day) for several reasons. Just have been reading here for a while and thought I should join. I am SOMEwhat newish to this whole "game" if you will, but tons of reading, research and viewing for quite a while I think has allowed something of a jump start. I look forward to learning more, doing some purchasing, and most importantly keeping my ear to the ground for the rumblings of the future... it IS getting a little loud, isn't it... Thanks, GentlemanPete
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