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  1. Brand new 2021 Brittanias Singles £25 10s £245 Tubes of 25 £600 Please add shipping of your choice. Capsules available for £.15
  2. 2020 Brittanias, Kruggerands, Maples, Kangaroos and Phillharmonics £587.5 shipped special delivery Phillharmonics are tubes if 20 fo £475 shipped special delivery
  3. I have 3 Tubes of 2020 Brittanias £592 shipped special delivery.
  4. £8.8 special delivery Added 0 minutes later... Sorry for the late reply, yes please message me and I will get them shipped out.
  5. I have some 2020 Silver Brittanias. £27 for singles, £26.5 for 10+, £26 for untouched tubes. Please add postage of your choice.
  6. 4 10oz coins available in capsules 3 x 10 oz Australian Kookaburra coins and one Australian Koala £245 each
  7. All brand new PAMP gold bars, all are veriscan approved and xrf tested to ensure authenticity: 1g £62 from multi sheet consecutive numbers available 2.5g £142.5 5g £275 10g £540 20g £1050 1oz £1590 100g £5075
  8. I have a few singles left for sale £24 each plus your pick of shipping. Remaining are Maples, Kangaroos, Kruggerands and Phillharmonics
  9. Messaged you Added 0 minutes later... Yes loads
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