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  1. Hello all, I am selling a 2020 Double Sovereign. I am renovating my old house and need to raise a little bit of cash. £644 plus special delivery at £2.40. I am open to all sensible offers but please don't take the p! Photos below. *Now sold* Best wishes, Neil
  2. *Now sold - Deposit taken* I am selling an American Gold Eagle half oz Gold coin. 1993 year. Excellent condition, beautiful coin. £710 but will consider any sensible offer. £30 cheaper than Chards are currently selling them. Need to sell as I'm renovating my house and need to raise a little cash. Kind regards, Neil
  3. Hello all. as above I’m looking for Gold Panda’s and Half Pandas (15g) thanks! Neil
  4. Hi all. I am selling a 2021 Proof Half Sovereign. Asking £290 - £20 cheaper than the mint are currently selling them at. https://www.royalmint.com/sovereign/2021/the-half-sovereign-2021/ New in Box from Royal Mint. Ungraded. Number 0054 of 1500 - nice low number. Never been handled or removed from capsule. PM me if interested. Neil
  5. Hi Phil, sorry the last coin literally sold 2 mins ago. Just about to update the ad.
  6. Hi Fishface - yes it's still available. I'll PM you. Sorry for the late reply only just seen your message.
  7. Hello, I am selling a 1/2 Sovereign in proof finish. New in box from the Royal Mint. £303.00 delivered. £7.00 cheaper than what the Royal Mint are asking. This has never been handled or removed from the coin capsule or box - the standard from the RM is very high as usual. Coin number 0054 - a nice low number in the production run of 1500. Photos to follow Kind regards, Neil
  8. Hello I am seling the following silver coins; 2oz Yale of Beaufort (Milk Spotted) - £46 now sold sorry Canada 2oz Kraken £52 - Excellent condition no milk spotting (no coin capsule) - cheapest online is £58.00 now sold sorry Germania Mint Allegories x 2 - £31 each or £59 pair (excellent condition - no milk spotting, in coin capsule) 1oz each. now sold sorry Nieu Tree of Life 1oz £26.00 (cheapest online I can find is £29.92) now sold sorry 30g Silver Panda £26.00 (cheapest online I can find is £29.32) now sold sorry 2006 1oz American Silver Dollar - £23 This coin
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