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  1. Ok have a few more coming but the prices while nice for sellers will slow me down a bit. @ZatStackz Thank you very much for a smooth transaction! (The Silver and copper dragon) And handling my first transaction via the forums. My first gold (from Ebay, Pinehurst Coins little slow but arrived) and 5 Silver Buffalo rounds from Memasbargains via Ebay.
  2. I dont know if this is a "deal" but I wish I knew it when I started.... and I assume it may pertain to US Active/Veterans only..? The JM Bullion military discount matches our “As Low As” pricing for payments, regardless of the quantity purchased. All products listed with an “As Low As” price when buying a set number of items entitles military members to that same price regardless of the quantity purchased. For example, military members buying products with an “As Low As” price on 100+ items will get that same discounted pricing whether buying 1 item, 10 items, or 50 items from that same listing. https://www.jmbullion.com/military-discount/ So even with Paypal I assume I get the "As Low As" pricing. I will check and update as needed.
  3. @ilovesilverireallydo Sorry some reason didnt see your response... Thanks will check it out. As I look im finding it is apparently illegal to melt down US Pennies. Last thing I would want to do is to get someone in trouble...
  4. "What are some approaches to developing a stacking plan" Its just like any other plan. You look and create a goal or end to the plan. Do you want to fli,p are you investing, will it be passed on are you just "collecting". Why are you doing this? Then you take the end goal and create a date if there is a date if not..... Then you decide how much you can afford to do "X" to get you to your goal or get you to place you are comfortable with. Because it is a changing market you need to plan for that change. 100$ this month doesnt get (or may get more) next month. The only thing worth considering is what you want to do then ensure you dont go broke doing it. I dont have a plan.... I just buy stuff when I feel the price is right and if I have the money. It wont be sold any time soon (i hope) and will either use it to supplement my pension and retirement/401ks or sock some/all of it to pass to my son.... so I guess I do have a plan...
  5. @BackyardBullion Thanks for replying. Yeah I didnt know if there was a website like this forum here that smelters/forgers around the world hung out in or some such to compare notes etc. All good.
  6. This is a general question for the melters/forgers (sorry if I dont know the correct term).. Awhile ago I was given a lot of copper wheaties. Because of their overall condition and just not worth much in a general sense, I was thinking about having them melted down. I would then have it turned into a bar Ior some other remembrance item) and then have it engraved with my Aunt and Uncles name or some such to remember them by since it was them I got the coins from. Just a display piece then pass it onto my son as they treated him very well. Does anyone know how I would go about finding someone that could do that? Due to the weight I would want it as "local" as possible. Ive tagged @BackyardBullion as I know he works in that realm, sorry to bother you, and dont know if there is like a group or place you could check or point me to. Along that then what could I expect price wise. Thanks in advance for any help. Jim
  7. Well James Bond (got one Sivler on its way) and maybe Spider-Man would be the only (designer?) coins I would go after and pay a premium over what ever the gold value/prem is. The only thing I dont like about the coin/design is the barrel design isnt there or something else maybe have the 007 silk screened (right term for coins?) and just James Bond. I know they only have a small area to work with but it seems awful plain.... Did you want to get me one? For free?
  8. Looking for the above. Want (at least maybe 4) 3 this is a pull from the description of the coin(s) I want: Product Details: Struck by The Perth Mint, this limited mintage Silver coin celebrates the fiction British Secret Service agent, James Bond, also known as 007. Coin Highlights: Coin contains 1 oz of .9999 fine Silver. Mintage of only 30,000 coins. Coin is housed in a protective plastic capsule. Obverse: Displays the Ian Rank-Broadley effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the monetary denomination, the coin's weight and fineness, and the 2020 year-date. Reverse: Portrays the iconic imagery of the Bond 007 gun logo within a gun barrel. Tuvalu legal tender. Looking to pay $32 (each) as described above which would include shipping. I use Paypal FF.
  9. Ten pennies! Large... and made of silver...
  10. Ive just started to slowly trickle out my sports cards for sale on sportscard forum (100% feedback over 100 transactions) and some on Ebay (jimmy-v-cardboard 100% feedback over 300 transactions). Im doing this to support my stack habit... I was wondering if anyone (probably would not be worth it on the other side of the pond but who knows Ive never went outside of US/Canada) was interested in trading their silver or even Copper for Sportscards. Or even flat out buying. PM me or post here. If you are looking for a particular player or team, GU, Autod let me know. I carry mostly football but do have Basketball, Baseball, Non Sports and "odds and ends". Im currently getting ready to list GU Marinos and then possibly Tannehills. Yeah im a Dolphins fan and yes I pulled some of my favorites. Thanks for looking and reading. I have a site with most of the cards that I was trading with to give you an idea. If the link doesnt work let me know. http://www.facciolli.com/cards/index.php?cat=10001
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