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  1. Yeah, but they are very nice looking. I also need them probably within a week or so. Should have added that in the original post. Will check Ebay here in a few days.
  2. @ChrisSilver They are but she wants to hold them in her hands so I would have to crack them out and that wouldn't be cost effective. . Thanks for checking in though.
  3. Looking for one of those Emu coins. I was active for a bit then moved then a relative came under my care. She enjoys watching Cog Family Farm https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfhCBX-PIg7H92L1Kz33q7Q And she thinks Nugget is a "hoot". Im looking for the 2018 version. Nothing special just not tarnished or damaged. Would purchase 1, 2 at the most. Thanks!
  4. Buy the ones you want to collect and have them properly sealed to prevent milk spots. Stack the rest? I used to buy comics in pairs (when something caught my fancy) and have one properly backed and sealed and one to read just keep around.
  5. Aknot

    Newbie question

    I have found nice deals on Reddit, however I dont know about European shipping or sales. r/pmsforsale
  6. Ok so what will my 1 oz of silver do for me when my neighbor has a loaf of bread I need... ? Especially if my neighbor has no idea of the "worth" of silver before the "event"? Since my neighbor cant look up the value of silver and associate it to anything it is absolutely worthless to them. I could wander around looking to see who will take my 1oz of silver but then probably end up starving. Heck my Dan Marino PSA 9 RC is worth more right now then an ounce of silver.... Its not like there will be a local "store" set up to take PMs for food/water/shelter because the "owner" (hopefully
  7. Went on a vacation for my Anniversary. Came back to 5 RMC rounds I got off Reddit.
  8. In person with a PM tester is best (I believe). There is a seller (and I apologies I forget who it was) cant remember if it was here or Reddit but they sent a video of them testing the items before they sent them to me which was very nice. There are chemical tests but I would only use that for very large item (like a big bar). Maybe someone else cna chime in Im only basing this on what Ive seen and read. But just like anything someone could have a lot and 1 item out of a hundred could slip by. I would assume just building up a buying/selling reputation is best online.
  9. I mean if you are buying from Wish you should know better..... however they could and are probably in places like Ebay etc. Hard to "test" if you are buying online but for new people some visual coins...
  10. This right here. @Metalmonk The thing is you stated collecting. Collecting in itself is probably more expensive then stacking. So as other have posted you need to decided which (or "why not both") road you want to go down. Collecting infers you are purchasing based on design, age or overall thought that it is a collectable item. Think a sports card. When rookie cards come out people buy them based on the possible collectibility of them (serial numbered, auto, prism, refractor) and the card it self increasing in price. A sports card is a piece of cardboard (most times) so a rookie car
  11. One of the few if not only thing at this time that come hell or high water will never leave my collection....
  12. Well it was yesterday but I was bogged down with work.... Generic rounds from Reddit!
  13. Its kind of funny when you look at some of the furturistic movies/novels and people are speaking or using slang with Asian dialects... Blade Runner, Firefly come to mind. One would assume based on that a larger Asian influence to possibly include standard changes as you mention. But you say one day it changes... so are you saying if Somolia becomes the worlds reserve currency the USD (the dollars I have in my wallet) will be replaced with something else? Or are you saying the dollars will go poof and I will carry around a electronic device smart watch/phone that has my electric money in i
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