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  1. Hello The ultra relief is amazing on this one. Vanuatu Tyrannosaurus Rex Antique with 10g of silver and 145g of copper.
  2. Hello, What are you thoughts about fractionnal libertad (1/20 - 1/10 - 1/4 - 1/2)? Does it worth the premium?
  3. Hello, They are available at BBP: https://www.bullionbypost.co.uk/gold-coins/2021-gold-coins/2021-quarter-ounce-britannia-gold-coin/ The price seems good.
  4. Hello Listing for those two coins: Wedge tailed eagle 2016 Australia | NGC PF 69 High relief coin, with certificate Wedge tailed eagle 2018 Australia | NGC MS69 Price: £91 (100€) Shipping included Payment - Bank Transfer (I accept GBP / Euros, Euros is preferred) - Paypal F&F (Payment in Euros for this payment method) Shipping costs UK and Europe - with tracking number, signed, insured
  5. Hello I can provide more pictures if you need. Britannia 20th anniversary Chariot 2017 UK | MS69 PCGS Price: £65 (72€) Shipping included Payment - Bank Transfer (preferred, I accept GBP / Euros) - Paypal F&F (Payment in Euros for this payment method) Shipping costs UK and Europe - with tracking number, signed, insured
  6. Hello, Does this really work with milk spots? I'm really interested to see the difference before/after.
  7. Ma-Shops (Power coin) seems to offer it at 349€: https://www.ma-shops.fr/powercoin/item.php?id=1331 Amazing coin. Power coin offers a discount for the first order (5%):
  8. Amazing coin, the water splash is really nice. Thanks for the info, any idea about the release date?
  9. Is there any interest for these? I was trying to get rid of the second coin and I got even less than the price of a regular bullion. The last design is awful, maybe it's because of that.
  10. Hello everyone, A first post to introduce myself here. I'm very grateful for this forum for all these information about silver and for all the the stunning coins pictures shared here. What else can I say, my main focus is on niue/perth mint silver coins, their designs are amazing (well not every time...). Have a nice day!
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