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  1. I had been watching the market and was aggressively buying within a week span back in February/march. I had been watching the market, and news on the coronavirus since December. I bought a half ounce of gold before gold shot up. I figured the markets would crash and distribution would been majorly effected once the virus spread. I bought silver when it hit $12.13 and bought my first 10oz queens beast coin on a presale for $176. It seemed like a deal lol. I wish I had bought more. Even since then I'm steadily buying silver.
  2. I've always had some love in my heart for Kennedy half dollars. I might of paid a bit much for this one... $48 Still an awesome coin I think.
  3. 1st pick - 1920 2nd daft pick - enough to take care of the squirrel problem on my block of town
  4. Killerzen

    Queens beasts

    I think there's been a pretty big following for them and the prices only go up once they release a new one. I've only ever managed to snag one myself. They're fantastic coins to behold.
  5. I dug through a few banks for rolls of half dollars, managed to find five 40%. I probably searched through about $600.
  6. I recently finished my first ever tube of coins, a 30 roll of old Canadian silver dollars from the 1950s/60s. I've been thinking about what to start next and would be grateful for any suggestions. A few ideas I've had have been a tube of morgans, maple leaves, or perth rectangular dragon bars. Though I unfortunately haven't found dragon bars for sale in a long time.
  7. I bought a ten ounce Queens Beast Yale when silver had it's big downturn this past spring. I had been following news a lot more than usual since January and had a feeling it could happen. I bought at $12.13 per oz. Though with the usual premiums on beast coins it was more than that. Still glad I got it for cheap while I could lol.
  8. I've been collecting old circulation 80% Canadian for a while now. I got four dollars in quarters and five AU/BU dollars.
  9. It's been a long time coming joining the Forum and I'm honestly surprised I haven't sooner. I frequent various YouTube channels on silver pouring, stacking, collecting and medal detecting. I grew up coin and stamp collecting, stopped through my adolescence and came back with different ideas and passions. I've been more heavily invested in buying silver and gold for about three years now. I really enjoy the history of coins and currency. But I'm also building wealth when I can. I come here to hopefully learn people's experiences and histories in coin collecting and stacking.
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