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  1. I ordered the two ounce silver bullion version on presale from apmex this morning. Got lucky silver went down a bit today saved a couple dollars. I haven't seen proof versions on there yet
  2. There should definitely be clarification on condition of coins, I'd feel terrible not telling someone about such a big condition issue! Unfortunately from my experience from these coins, they're some of the worst spotting coins I've gotten ahold of... at least 75% have at least some spotting on the edge if not on the actual sides. My maples ironically have little to no spots compared
  3. I really hope thats the case, I'd really love to pick up some of the older silver proofs and 1/4 gold bullion coins. I might be wrong but the design almost reminds me of a hell hound... not that bad of a coin to be honest I enjoy it more than some they've released.
  4. Anyone have any idea how many are intended for release on this series?
  5. My parents were "into" collecting coins, a few mercury dimes, lots of state quarters... my fascination was with old 1900s American coins growing up. I'm from the midwest. Grew up poor. The groups of people I'm around generally distrust the government, I've just taken things steps further than most people would. I expect negative things to happen with the worlds economies. I like to try and comfort myself into thinking I might have a handle on things for the future. I was surprised to learn a girl I work with sifting the cash recycler for silver coins lol. The few people I've talked with about
  6. I've set a personal goal for how much I'd like to accumulate over the next couple decades. Along with a regular old 401k account. I'm not the most wealthy individual and I have loads of kids. But I try for around an ounce of gold a year. If I can manage about a kilo of gold while prices aren't outrageous I think I'd be satisfied lol. Happy stacking!
  7. I can't remember what number I have but I have both 2018 and 19 in the same serial number. My email is basically the same as my username if that helps figure out who i am lol I'd like to buy a 2020 bar.
  8. I read Biden's green deal would push demand and price's to the $50 point in the medium term
  9. Yeah I got one of the silver ones a couple years ago. It'd be awesome if I could find a kilo one in copper or silver
  10. Any idea where to buy that round in the USA? Looks fantastic
  11. I really like the look of that coin. Is it a part of a series?
  12. I had been watching the market and was aggressively buying within a week span back in February/march. I had been watching the market, and news on the coronavirus since December. I bought a half ounce of gold before gold shot up. I figured the markets would crash and distribution would been majorly effected once the virus spread. I bought silver when it hit $12.13 and bought my first 10oz queens beast coin on a presale for $176. It seemed like a deal lol. I wish I had bought more. Even since then I'm steadily buying silver.
  13. I've always had some love in my heart for Kennedy half dollars. I might of paid a bit much for this one... $48 Still an awesome coin I think.
  14. 1st pick - 1920 2nd daft pick - enough to take care of the squirrel problem on my block of town
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