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  1. I hope so! Being a complete newbie to stacking, it’s stopping me from starting my collection hearing about how much cheaper coins were before this crisis! So I don’t want to buy anything just yet in fear of over paying!
  2. @Liam84 thank you for your amazing reply! This is really helpful to know other silver coins from around the world, I will be sure to keep an eye out for them! Everything does seem crazy with the prices at the moment, being new I am not sure what the prices were like before this virus, but from reading it was a lot lower!
  3. @Falcon55 thanks for the suggestions!
  4. Can anyone recommend any websites for generic silver rounds?? thanks!
  5. @sovereignsteve Thank you for the reply! That’s very helpful information! Do you know by any chance if sixpence coins are silver? Thanks again!
  6. Hello everyone! being still new I am learning that British coins pre 1920 contain silver. Does that mean literally all British coins dated before 1920, or just the likes of the half crown, shilling and florin? sorry if it sounds like a silly question, just trying to get my head around it all still! thank you!
  7. Wannapop


    Hey! has anyone used this website for purchases of silver?? thanks in advance!
  8. Do you have any Scottsdale “The one” bars left or Britannia coins? I would like to grab one!
  9. @Tn21 yeah I have been reading about this recently! I’m trying to look for the best deals possible! thank you for the tip!
  10. @onlyroadtoheaven thank you so much for this reply! I understand what you are saying, I have been looking at different types of collections and coins so I guess it’s seeing what I like myself! I do agree, the Britannia coins do look lovely and I think that might be where my collection starts off! thank you for your reply again!
  11. @Guybrush @tin thank you both for your replies!! I will keep everything you guys have said in mind! I’m so excited to get into it all and see it as a more secure way of saving some money (don’t trust banks 100% of the time)! I think I might go for a membership so I can see all the posts for sellers, hopefully I will come across some good deals! thanks again so much guys!
  12. Hello everyone! I hope you are all well! I am completely new to the silver stacking/collecting scene and am looking to get into it! I’m looking to take a slow and steady approach at first (if that’s possible) haha, not looking to break the bank straight away! any tips on what to look out for when searching for coins/bars or what I should start off buying as a beginner would be greatly appreciated! sorry if it sounds like I’m asking stupid questions, I just really am not sure what to be looking for (especially what to avoid in terms of scams, etc...). thank you in advance for any help!
  13. Hello Everyone! just wanted to quickly say hi as a new member of this amazing community! Hopefully I will learn a lot from you all and look forward to see what’s out there! completely new to the stacking/collecting game, but it’s always been an curiosity to me and hope to finally get into it!
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