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  1. Thanks for all the info guys. Now I can go and buy them unpure gold coins, without too much anxiety. \o/
  2. Good points, I may have underestimated the importance of liquidity. What about worldwide, America and Asia for example. Sovereigns have strong liquidity there too?
  3. Thanks for clarifications HawkHybrid and freefall. Have you ever (or know someone) who sold gold to goldsmiths or even small tech companies (who use gold in their products)? If so, are they paying any good? In theory, I like the idea, that you would have as large customer base as possible to sell to, not just bullion dealers or random collectors.
  4. As a novice stacker, I'm wondering why anyone would stack gold sovereigns, if you want to maximize your pure PM content (forget about hobby/numismatics for now)? I have an assumption (uneducated maybe), that they are trash metal, with bad resell value, since they are not pure. For example, can you sell them to people who make jewellery? Can they melt tainted gold and re-use it? :-) Please someone explain to a newb. Doing my first PM purchase soon with maximum 1000€ budget, and probably going for just single 1/2 ounce gold coin (24K) or bar, because let's face it, silver coin premiums are
  5. Hi folks! Greetings from Finland, finest of lands (or so I'm told). Last year I was just a normal (relatively clueless) person, and now I've become a prepper of sorts. :-) Naturally silver and other precious metals play a part in all that. Got the idea to start PM-stacking from a bunch of wise crypto currency experts. Still novice with PMs, but will make my first buys soonish. I've already found solid pieces of advice and high quality discussion in this forum (by lurking), so this seems the right place to be in. Thanks!
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