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  1. Gold is a hedge against currency debasement. If the euro "crashes" doing so means it is losing value against other currencies, notably the dollar, and -- all else equal -- gold.
  2. Thanks again, this is all super helpful. Another question is that I'm seeing some sets of special/commemorative coins being offered at a premium of <5% on the gold content. While I know most commemorative coins are often a rip off, is it fair to assume that I would be able to sell a commemorative coin for close (within 5%) to the gold content therein? I have in mind coins that are NOT sovereigns, etc. but rather nonstandard coins that are nonetheless being marketed by reputable dealers as low premium options for acquiring gold. My thinking is that the low premium makes them bette
  3. Wondering what people's experience has been in the recent days with respect to shipments of coin orders from dealers on http://goldprice.eu5.net/ I see a number of them have posts from April or early May saying they were resuming shipments, but haven't seen more frequent updates. Thought it might be an idea to collect even anecdotal evidence of the state of logistics in the market in a thread.
  4. Thanks guys, this is all very helpful. It sounds like the dealers are checking even the used coins they sell out, such that there is no incremental benefit from buying only newly minted coins. And sounds like I should hold off on the Sigma for now. Someone mentioned being able to return suspect coins to a dealer. How does that work in practice? i.e., when they send the coins, do they specifically state the year of production or have some sort of photo inventory? I'm just thinking ahead to when I may have several dozen coins and find out at a later date that the coin is suspect how e
  5. Just bumping this topic to see if there are any good options to buy bullion with Amex in the UK/US/Europe?
  6. Hi All, I'm a new member based in London. Found this site while looking for ways to put some money into gold as a safe haven during these trying times. That said I'm a history nut, and trying to resist the temptation of the numismatic rabbit hole!
  7. Hi All, I’m new to the forum, and interested in purchasing gold coins for the first time given my bullish view on the gold price. I’m finding it a bit overwhelming given the current bullion shortage and delivery disruptions in the UK (I am based in London). While I’ve read through a number of posts on this forum and articles elsewhere online, I would appreciate some feedback on the questions below. Based on what I was reading, I am thinking of focusing on gold sovereigns for the CGT exemption and for ease of liquidating my holdings in piecemeal fashion in the future.
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