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  1. Hello everyone I am new at this forum and new to the subject of stacking silver. I would like to buy silver bullion coins and have been thinking of Britannias or any other CGT tax exempt coins as I am based in the UK It is hard to buy any at the moment or if it is possible the premium is very high as you know. My question is: Does it make sense to buy cheaper coins from the dealers which do not have those coins available at the moment but offer delivery in couple of weeks or even over a month ? My second question is : Are all the dealers listed on www.gold.de trustworthy ? Would you buy from them ? Or is it better to buy from bairdmint.com or chards.co.uk and pay VAT although they do not have coins at the momemt as well. Generally I am full of doubts as I do not know which dealer is trustworthy. I am also afraid that waiting may mean that the spot price will increase significantly soon ( although nobody knows that ) Thank you for your replies
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