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  1. 10 x 10oz Britannia silver bars 228 plus postage 1/2 oz pamp Suisse gold bar been handled sold 740 plus postage bank transfer only
  2. 2.6 kilo of 999 silver grain sold 5 x 10 oz Covid bars All Covid bars sold 0.58p per gram grain covid Bars £220.00 bag of fine silver coins 1407g bullion grade Mainly year of the horse rounds couple of bars 20g couple of loin kings open to offers job lot plus postage bank transfer only problems with uploading pics may have to private message me ?
  3. There’s 80 oz coming tomorrow 57p per gram Regards Bodie
  4. Sorry wrong price 585 plus post 12 pounds Regards Bodie
  5. Hi I have 1 left 570 plus 12.00 pound post special delivery Regards Bodie
  6. 200oz fine silver grain 2x Unimet silver kilo bars 0.54 per gram grain 565 kilo bars plus postage at cost bank transfer
  7. 560 plus post 3 available bank transfer only
  8. 4x 1 kg silver Unimet silver bars 2x100g Unimet silver bars 585 plus post kilo 67 pounds plus post 100g sold
  9. Thanks Phil new on here so I hope to price fairly Added 0 minutes later... Thanks Troy77
  10. 2 x 1 1/10th Britannia 1 x American Eagle bullion condition free Special delivery £450 bank transfer
  11. Unimets sold Betts price reduced to fall in spot 590 plus post Brits 530 plus post
  12. 1 kg silver Betts bars 610 plus post 1 kg silver unimet 610 plus post tubes of 25 x 2020 silver Britannia 542 plus post
  13. Only selling by tube at the moment thanks for the offer
  14. For sale 25 x 2020 silver Britannia fresh from monster box £524.00 plus post silver to go price ! bank transfer or PayPal
  15. I have some £530 a tube plus post
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