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  1. Maybe it’s just a UK thing. If only I could buy $15.87 rounds shipped, they’re all over £20 shipped on eBay and less from dealers. What makes everything even more confusing is that in the UK, PM dealers have to charge 20% VAT included in the price! I think I’ll stick with buying from dealers and on this forum 😆
  2. I’ve noticed that newer varieties of gold and silver coins and bars go for more on eBay than brand new from PM dealers? To me this doesn’t make sense, shouldn’t it be the other way round? A great example is the silver Britannia. Why pay £25-£28 for a 2018 1 oz when you can get a brand new 2020 from a PM dealer for £21 or less shipped? Seriously, what is the advantage to paying a greater premium on eBay over a trusted dealer?
  3. The website can seem misleading and it is often unclear, but I doubt they have any malpractice. BBP outsource their storage with a company called Loomis. Loomis provides the stocks for the vault storage, and BBP holds the stocks for their shipments. So just because Loomis have these metals in stock doesn't mean BBP has it in stock, which is why you can't order for home delivery. They need it in their warehouse to ship for home delivery. It can work the other way, BBP could have stock while Loomis doesn't, but I've personally never seen this happen.
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