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  1. Please add me to the wait list for a 2020, 100g silver forum bar! Much thanks for making these, and all your videos!
  2. All good BYB. Yes live and learn, and I'm still happy to have simply been able to purchase a bar, and will enjoy continuing following your BYB youtube, and silver pouring progress.
  3. I'll take #45 then please. I just would like to say I did read the rules and while I was surprised to see it open when I checked at 6:55, I definitely thought (as I assume the others who posted early though) that you simply hadn't been Exactly on 7, and it was open to request ie: once its open its open if its within a few minutes. I realize all of this is quite a time consuming process for you and I really appreciate and thank you for those efforts, but my assumption was everyone wouldve been tagged well prior to it going live ie several hours+ before, if anything to also give them time t
  4. Great looking bars per usual! Please add me to the lottery for 2 random serial numbers if possible thank-you!
  5. My 1st post on thesilverforum! A few pretty good deals I see atm at the current 14.67 Kitco spot price are 20 buffalos for 18.43 from the very reputable Golden State Mint, and also 5 oz Scottsdale stackers for 90.35 (18.07/oz) when buy 2 with US shipping @6.50, free over 500, and shipping to most other countries also. As you likely know the stackers are definitely a step above generics. https://www.goldenstatemint.com/1-oz-buffalo-silver-bullion-round.html https://www.scottsdalemint.com/product/5-oz-scottsdale-silver-stacker-round/ Also a good place to compare deals is https
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