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  1. 5 Proof $5 1/10 oz. AGEs for under regular coin prices
  2. I did jump on one and glad. It's up $150 since. Should be here soon. Nice pic Steven
  3. I was always looking at it physically, as it was easier to track :). Guess I have to figure otherwise
  4. A relatively new stacker question. Is the ratio based on physical number of ounces or percent $$ invested ? Thank you
  5. These just showed up in the US, with a serious premium. But because my grand daughter loves penguins, I will have to buy at least 1 for the collection.
  6. I really like the new silver Korean Phoenix and now I get a notification today that they are available in gold. I stopped buying at 1800 US spot, but this is really calling me. Grab one, or hope spot drops and they stay available. Decisions decisions ?? https://www.providentmetals.com/1-oz-gold-2020-south-korean-phoenix.html
  7. Thank you for the clarification. I learn something everyday. At that percentage I would use the CC lot more.
  8. Don't you mean 2.5% ? Most online dealers in the US charge 3.5-4% upcharge for CC use. Or should I say discount for non CC use That is a lot when you buy 1 oz. gold coins or quantities of silver
  9. 2020 Gold Somalian Elephants
  10. Do you consider privy marked coins legitimate collector varieties or just a gimmick mints use to sell more to collectors ? Some appear strangely unrelated to the coins country or history. Also seems there could be unlimited variations of a coin if they so desired. Your opinion and insight would be appreciated. Thank you
  11. Just an update. APMEX got the 1/4 oz in stock and I snagged one.
  12. Thank you for your experiences. Added 0 minutes later... Thank you for your experiences.
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