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  1. Definitely wish I had purchased more back when I started this thread. I always look at the total price. High premiums with low spot , or low premiums with high spot makes no difference to me. Obviously, low and low would be ideal
  2. I know all that and I am already ahead
  3. I have been paying under a grand an oz, for platinum, so not sure what you mean
  4. Agreed. after i accumulate a little I may be pickier When trying to buy on the dips, there has to be something to buy
  5. Decided on 1oz bars due to the high premiums on and lack of inventory of coins $50 more for a coin just isn't working for my stacking goals And of course, prices are rising now that I'm shopping A Britannia is still on my wish list though
  6. Looking to get into a little platinum for the stash now that spot pricing is down. Premium on coins is way higher than bars and coin availability is VERY low here in the US. Are 1 oz bars a good option ? Much lower premiums and some availability ? Thoughts ? I generally prefer coins to bars in gold. Does platinum have any fakery issues ? Thank you for your input.
  7. 5 Proof $5 1/10 oz. AGEs for under regular coin prices
  8. I did jump on one and glad. It's up $150 since. Should be here soon. Nice pic Steven
  9. I was always looking at it physically, as it was easier to track :). Guess I have to figure otherwise
  10. A relatively new stacker question. Is the ratio based on physical number of ounces or percent $$ invested ? Thank you
  11. These just showed up in the US, with a serious premium. But because my grand daughter loves penguins, I will have to buy at least 1 for the collection.
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