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  1. Money1

    Dealer Advice

    Thanks both, Much Appreciated
  2. Money1

    Dealer Advice

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. I have a question around buying from the following 2 dealers: CelticGold Coininvest Does anyone have any experience or advise on these two companies please? Also if importing into into the UK what additional charges would I expect to pay? I have checked on the customs site but it said there were none? Again, any advise greatly received,
  3. Newbie here, are you saying from this that you consider Silver to be a good priced buy now? Or have I read that wrong?
  4. Thanks Chris and Thanks to any forum members who can point me in the best direction
  5. Hi All, Hope everyone is well. I am starting to learn about silver (and gold) as protections against economic downturns. Are there any recommended threads on this that are good and up to date to read?
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